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The conventional wisdom is that Governor “Clueless” Quinn will try to re-write the historic Illinois carry bill in a big ceremony in Chicago, complete with lots of families of so-called “victims”.  Some of those victims might not have been criminals, in fact.

One commenter at Capitol Fax nailed it:

This is Quinn’s re-election campaign kick-off. It will not be a simple veto. It will be a full blown media event and re-write to do right, probably at the home of a Chicago gun shot victim, with lots of gun control advocates, ministers, cops and moms with kids. Expect the full monty of gun control porn, fear, fear, and more fear with a dash of victim stories and photos of departed loved ones. It’s going to be over the top.

Quinn will a/v it to include every conceivable item from ICHV and the Brady Center wish list. He’ll say this is what Governors can do, this is why you need strong leaders, the buck stops with him, he’s the only one who can protect us, yada, yada, yada.

It’s his big moment in the sun and it doesn’t matter that the veto will be promptly over-ridden. It’s too good for Quinn to pass up and it highlights his only strength. The over-ride just reinforces the message Quinn is going to deliver and makes him seem more relevant.

Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

Anyway, here’s the update on AG Madigan.  She also feels the same way:

Chicago (Tribune) – …Many lawmakers expect Quinn to use the issue to try to help himself politically, taking advantage of his amendatory veto powers to rewrite the bill to make it more stringent. On Thursday, Madigan said she agreed that the governor would rewrite the bill. Quinn has not said what he plans to do, other than to indicate he will act in the interest of public safety.

There is also a lot of palace intrigue that suggests Madigan may sit out next year’s race for governor and let former Mayor Richard Daley’s brother have a run at governing Illinois.  We mention this as if she’s decided not to run, it may influence her decision-making on whether or not to appeal the Moore case.  We’re thinking if she doesn’t run, she’ll be even less likely to appeal.  If she loses the case, she also will lose any presidential aspirations she has as national Democrats would never forgive her for costing states their highly restrictive “may issue” carry laws.

14 thoughts on “AG Madigan: Gov will re-write bill with an amendatory veto”
  1. But will the amendatory veto be overridden?

    Doesn’t that require the State House and Senate to reconvine and vote on it again?

    If nothing happens do the antis get the carry-law (NYC style) they wanted?

  2. An amendatory veto must be overridden by a three-fifths vote of both houses, or accepted by a simple majority vote. If the legislature takes no action on an AV, the entire bill dies.

    1. It would only be unregulated in certian locations.

      Many cities would pass their own carry laws. And they would be far worse than the current bill.

      That said, since it just takes a majority there seems to be a real possibility that the Gov’s MAIG approved NYC Issue idea could pass.

    2. I’m confused. What happened to the veto proof vote count on the bill? Doesn’t that prevent him from mucking with it using amendatory veto? Please help me understand!

    1. unfortunately cook county and northern ill did we need to separate northern il and southern il then then can mess up what ever they want

  3. I didn’t vote for these clowns.

    Maybe we could put up the border fence along I-80 instead of the Mexican border.

  4. I don’t understand, I thought the bill passed with enough votes to supersede any veto, (amendatory or otherwise). If it does get amended, you know it will be turned into a complete “May Issue” law that will then have everybody’s application denied for some unknown reason they won’t have to specify and that will not allow any opportunity for appeal. If the amendatory veto does go into affect, does the bill then go back before the legislature in an attempt to override? Again, ( thought that was already accomplished, but I must have misunderstood since that is being stated as Quinn’s next move to subvert and circumvent the will of the voters.
    Somebody PLEASE explain just what the hell we can actually expect to happen!
    Has this all been for NOTHING? Just for the passage of a paper tiger law like the one California has that allows them to say they “Have a CCW Program” but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth and the paltry few that do get approved in the program are just political cronies and big dollar Democratic donors?
    My stomach is already churning….

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