It’s early in the show trial of George Zimmerman on what is an open and shut case of self-defense to any disinterested party, but the prosecution has been a farce thus far.

Yesterday, the prosecution’s witness made Zimmerman out to be responsible, respectful, thoughtful and most important, *reasonable* in her testimony.

(Legal Insurrection) – Ms. Dorival works for the Sanford Police Department and played a major role in coordinating with George Zimmerman to establish the Neighborhood Watch Program at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community. Her role is to instruct the residents on how the NWP works, and provide guide lines on its operation….

[Defense attorney] West then explored some hypothetical situations and asked her if they were the types of scenarios in which she would advise a NWP participant to report suspicious behavior to the police. He then went on to describe precisely the behavior in which Trayvon Martin had been engaged–wandering aimlessly in the rain, looking into buildings, walking outside of normal paths in areas one would not normally expect a person to walk. Oh, definitely, answered Dorival, that’s exactly the kind of behavior we encourage NWP participants to report to the police.

There was the president of the homeowner’s association who commended some construction workers for “following at a distance” the suspect in some burglaries that was arrested, and the HOA’s president thought so highly of their actions he sent them a commendation.

Then there was what was going to be the state’s star witness, Selene Bahadoor.

She claimed she heard footsteps “from left to right”, but the defense noted that she had never mentioned this in a whole series of interviews prior to her testimony on this day in court.  Whoops.  The pregnant pause before she admitted this was painful to watch.  Oh yeah, she also “liked” Trayvon Martin’s page on Facebook, but not Zimmerman’s.  No bias there.

Also Tuesday, the prosecution acknowledged that Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, yet another touted “star” witness, lied in her earlier testimony:

(Daily Caller) – The murder case against half-Latino neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was dealt a devastating blow Tuesday, when prosecutors acknowledged that their star witness, the 19-year old former girlfriend of the late Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, lied under oath.

The woman, who also told police she was on the phone with Martin shortly before his death, falsely testified that she was in the hospital on the day of Martin’s funeral — perhaps to garner sympathy.

“In fact, she lied,” defense attorney Don West said. Prosecutors also acknowledged her lie, but were reportedly vague about whether they would charge the woman with perjury.

The woman’s lie demonstrates another hole in the second-degree murder case against Zimmerman.

Martin’s girlfriend, truly a piece of human debris, also has a long list of trashy social media posts, as the Smoking Gun reports:

Prosecutors handling the second-degree murder case want to use Jeantel’s testimony to portray Zimmerman as the aggressor in the confrontation which left the 17-year-old Martin dead from a single gunshot to the chest.

Rachel Jeantel.

Before even taking the stand, Jeantel has caused  problems for prosecutors. Earlier this year, government lawyers had to acknowledge that Jeantel lied under oath when she claimed that the reason she did not attend Martin’s funeral was due to a hospitalization.

On March 5, when Jeantel’s lie was disclosed during a court hearing, the teenager made a pair of Twitter posts apparently referring to the revelation. “Jus got home n hear wat was going and I’m angry,” she wrote. In her next tweet, Jeantel–who uses the handle “@MsRachel_94”–wrote “remember who cause the funeral to happen keep it 100% Mr. ass hoe.” She added, “damn they p*ssed me off… and I’m sick too “HELL NAW.”

In a February 24 tweet, Jeantel appears to reference Martin’s killing nearly a year earlier. “In church wit friends n im jus think bout last year sunday wow I should have been in church the whole day and night omg made lord be with me.” A following tweet n that “they black ass laugh bout last year…they ass goin to hell for laugh bout that shit.”

In other posts that Sunday, Jeantel referred to smoking, drinking, and getting high. “Lol we going to hell for smoke on Sunday I need some more drink,” one tweet noted. A follow-up tweet read, “I hope I dnt hit no one tonight lord plz watch my driving.”

On February 26, the one-year anniversary of Martin’s death, Jeantel tweeted, “Omg people calling n praying n shit lol I need a drink smoke and a pray my head killing me right now cannot wait when this day end.”

In mid-April, Jeantel–whose Twitter profile photo is captioned “Ms. Diamond”–noted, “Shit always happen when u doin Gud wit life .last year I had to deal wit people dyin n I’m tired of all those shits makin me not think right.”

On April 21, she wrote, “I do not know if I want to be a homicide detective u got to tell the family they love one died n shit they crying n shit oh lord I dnt kno.”

…In a post Sunday, Jeantel wrote “Court nails” and included a link to a photo (seen at right) showing fingernails with fresh orange polish.

On her Facebook page, Jeantel uploaded a photo Sunday showing an empty bottle of Hennessy cognac, along with the caption, “Last drink for the week long ass week too.” According to her Facebook profile, Jeantel attended Miami Norland Senior High School and has “studied criminal justice at Miami University.” As for where she works, Jeantel reported, “My mama n daddy do all the work I just spend it.”


Thus far, it seems, the state’s witch-hunt prosecution continues to fall apart.

Their “star” witnesses, even when not human debris like Trayvon Martin’s so-called “girlfriend”, have done nothing to bolster the state’s case, but in fact have aided the defense.

And those fingernails are hideous.

13 thoughts on “George Zimmerman trial: Is this the best the prosecutor Angela Corey has?”
  1. The “former” girlfriend is a freakin’ FOOL!!! She was probably with some other guy instead of going to the funeral.

    2 appropriate quotes in this case:

    Fool’s names like fool’s faces are often seen in public places. – Thomas Fuller

    Pity the fool! – Mr. T (the ultimate philosopher!)

    Watch out for the riots when Zimmerman is acquitted. Good thing for CCW in Florida.

  2. that trial has been bought and paid for already anyway. It doesn’t matter how incompetent the prosecutor is, Zimmerman is going away.

  3. Jabba the Hutt claims “white ass cracker” is neither racist nor offensive. Precious!

    1. Do you know where Cracker came from? Everyone is upset but cracker is the person who did the whipping of the slaves. This person was either white or black so it is not a racial thing. It is not just whites that are crackers. There were plenty of black crackers also so what is your point.

  4. Personally, I don’t think any of the residential personal ‘eye winesses’ matter. And TRayvon’s girlfriend is NOT akey witness. Only the ‘techincal’ witnesses matter. How Trayvon was found, what Zimmerman looked like when they arrived. The fact that none of his wounds were life-threatening. Was treated for 5 min. & then released. got to the police station w/no bandages. NO WOUNDS to back of head in surveillance video at police station following the shooting. (WHEN? did he get the wounds shown in the photos?) Also, if his face was bloodied as the phots showed, then why did martin have no blood on his hands? (Zimmerman claims Martin covered his face/mouth to shut him up. HELLO?

    It is EARLY yet. Ms. Corey is not stupid. She charged the guy w/2nd degree murder, & not manlaughter or negligent homicide. There is more to come. ALL of these inconsistencies will have to be (satisfactorily) explained in order for the defens to win.

    She’s letting the defense have their day(s) in court for now. The slam dunk is coming. let’s not 4get that Trayvon’s body was found nowhere near the concrete sidewalk. Someone advied Zimmerman he’d better come up w/a weapon or threat of some sort to claim self-defense w/the use of deadly force. he had ‘help’. (just speculating) SAY he banged your head on the concrete. (& the wounds had to show. if fabricated evidence & after-the-fact wounds were inflicted, there wil be HELL to PAY! & Ms. Corey will bring it out.

    This is the beginning fo the trial. No one is addressing the aforementioned (yet). It will be interesting when the tables turn, once ‘explanation’ of these inconsitencies begin.

    Zimmerman got his azz beat. The teen was prety much done w/him.Zimmrman was no match. As he (Trayvon) raised or relinquished, after seeing he ahd beat Zimmerman’s azz, b4 he could actually GET OFF Zimmerman, Zimmerman shot him. that’s murder, not self-defense.

    1. Sorry, I quit reading after the 17th grammatical error in your rambling.

      Go back and get an education and try posting again.

    2. Jakeob, any errors you saw were not due to lack of knowledge, but haste in typing. Anyone w/half a brain coud c that. You stopped reading because u have no counter. cut & dry. Put a SOCK in it. I refuse to have a discussion w/STUPID people, such as yourself.

  5. The witnesses don’t matter only because it’s a show trial.

    Zimmerman is going to be put away as a symbol, regardless of guilt or innocence. That will lead to the repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws and possibly concealed carry laws.

    The trial is just the opening act of something far more evil.

    1. Oh, i c. So u c no flaws in the SYG law? Where a person feeling their life is in danger need not be ‘real’, but merely ‘perceived’ by the shooter? Isn’t that what Son of Sam Berkowitz felt when he went on his killing spree? That any & everybody was ‘out to get’ him?

      The use of deadly force should carry the same guidelines for civilians as it does for law enforcement. Law enforcement fought tooth & nail for such a law to not pass. (The same went for the ‘Make My Day’ law passed in CO) The ‘title’ of the law speaks for itself how WRONG it is.

      No one (really) knows what happened except for 2 people, and one of them is dead. – Leaving the other to lie thru his teeth about what happened. If he takes the stand (which i doubt he will), then I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. All I know is – If I shot 7 killed someone, & felt I had no choice or I, myself, would’ve been killed, I’d WANT to explain to the jury, the court, AND, most importantly, Martin’s family, how the teen had threatened his life to the point where I had no choice but to shoot him. No one knows what happened (yet). Maybe someone saw the WHOLE thing, included under what circumstances the shot was fired, but just hasn’t come forward yet.

      It appears to me that Zimmerman got his face beat in, Trayvon f****ed him up, he was no match, as the teen’s attack subsided & he was probably getting off him, Zimmerman shot him. of course, i could be wrong, but this scenario cannot be ruled out.

      Instead of commenting on my ‘grammar’. why don’t you make a case for your boy, Zimmerman, against what I’m saying.

  6. The answer to the question title of this article is “No, it isn’t. Not by a long shot.”

    1. Ok let’s review progress so far:

      1- Prosecution ‘star witness’ turns out to have purjured herself multiple times.

      2- Another key prosecution witness pratically quotes the defense attorney’s case in his testimony.

      3- “sweet innocent” Trayvon’s friends are all over Twitter and Facebook threatening Zimmerman’s life, the lives of the jurors, and the lives of any Hispanic or White person they come across if Zimmerman goes free. These are not the actions or words of people who a “sweet innocent angelic child” would be hanging around.

      I still say this trial is fixed and Zimmerman is going away whether he’s actually guilty or not, but based on the case so far, I don’t see how any rational person could say that no reasonable doubt exists.

    2. Jakebob, all I can say is wow. I will not fault you for your opinion and its good that you have one. BUT even you, being as educated as you claim, must see how ridiculous your argument is…

      So you believe that the random jury selection was rigged?

      You believe the defense and prosecution are working together during jury selection?

      You believe the jury is sitting there by show?

      You do not believe any inconsistency in George Zimmerman story?

      If you are in my neighborhood, and I feel like you are a treat, I follow you, chase you and I shoot you… am I justified? would your friends/family/kkk members be upset?

      You believe with a rash of mass shootings, the government need this case to push a change in a law?

  7. Zimmerman got away with murder! It’s that simple. The defense could never say what Trayvon Martin had ever done wrong for Zimmerman to suspect him in the first place, and the inept prosecution was too cowardly to bring it up. Zimmerman is a bigot, who racially profiled Martin and in the end a GUN is what made a fat, slow, soft little man feel big enough to provoke an altercation and commit murder.

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