Don’t click on this video if you’re not ready to see a graphic home video of a home invasion in New Jersey.

Bad guy kicks in the door and pummels the female homeowner viciously and repeatedly.

It’s captured on a baby monitor camera.

Is your family prepared to defend against a violent home invader like this?

Decisions have consequences.

If you want your wife or daughter to be beaten senseless because you think guns are not the answer, then so be it.  Let them live (or die) with the consequences of your beliefs.

If you want your wife or daughter to be able to defend herself against a savage intruder, then get them training and help them with the purchase of a firearm they can use well to defend themselves against an attack like this.


9 thoughts on “The brutality of a home invasion (graphic)”
  1. We need a euthanasia program instead of the customary catch-and-release… Sadly, this pos will be free to rape, murder, and pillage in less time than what a law abiding gun owner would get for possessing a PMAG in New Jersey.

  2. If this woman was armed and willing to use a firearm to defend herself and her daughter, this would be a classic case of disparity of force against an “unarmed” agressor.

  3. Odd that none of the “news” people asked him or her what their PREVIOUS position on gun ownership was?????????

    Now, that’d be the FIRST question out of my mouth. . . Honey, where was your gun?

    D’ya think they’re proponents of gun ownership now?

    I am NOT making light of this evil animal attack……..I’m just saying, how many times must something like this happen before we have the right to protect ourselves?

    I’d like very much to know whether they were anti-gunners before this and, if so, what their position is now.

  4. I only hope the guy dies in a fire, burned to death and suffers in the worst possible manner. And then I hope he rots in eternal hell. The liberals I’m sure hope he gets 30 days in jail!

  5. Mayor Bloomberg and his cronies would probably mourn this animals death to.

  6. I hope the law enforcement in this area is doing everything, and I mean everything possible to catch this man without any chance of bail. This is a fine case where he should go directly to jail until he goes to trial. If this was a dog that attacked a human like this, you wouldn’t hesitate to put it down, This man has no right to be walking around on the streets. This is a very sad day for this woman and child. May somehow you be able to understand how this is even possible to happen.

  7. After watching this video, I believe a gun would have made a difference. This woman has to be mentally prepared to fight back even against a larger attacker. Once she develops a combative mindset, and is skilled in hand to hand combat, then I believe she will have developed the mindset to pull the trigger. Aggression against attackers, not submission. There is a scene in “Quantum of Solace” near the end when Bond and his “Bond Girl” have infiltrated the bad guys’ headquarters. The bad guy general attacks a female house servant and the Bond Girl. They both react differently to his attack. The Bond Girl displays a never quit attitude. That is what the woman in this video, and all men and women need to develop. Watch the movie scene. You’ll see what I mean.

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