While the governor hasn’t signed or vetoed HB-183, the carry bill overwhelmingly approved by both the Illinois House and Senate, it is virtually certain that sooner or later this bill will be the law of the land in Illinois.

Here are some of the specifics of the bill to give you an idea of its provisions.


Permits Illinois will honor: NONE.

There are no provisions for reciprocity of out-of-state carry permits.


How to apply:

The Illinois State Police (ISP) will create an application form within 180 days of enactment of the law. The application will ask for basic information, a head and shoulder photograph, plus a host of affirmations that the applicant is eligible to receive a carry permit. One of the unusual affirmations is whether or not the applicant has failed a drug test within the previous year.

Fingerprints may be submitted with the application, or if the applicant does not submit fingerprints, the state has an additional thirty days to process the application (for a total of 120 days).

Sixteen hours of training are required as is successful completion of a qualification shoot. (more on this later)

The fee is $150 for a five year license.


Non-resident permits: YES

Non-residents will be eligible to secure an Illinois permit if they meet the eligibility requirements of Illinois residents. It is likely non-residents will have to take an Illinois-approved training course, probably inside Illinois (we can’t imagine a great market for such training outside of Illinois).

The fee is $300 for a five-year license for non-residents.


Prohibited locations:

* Schools, public or private, including property and parking areas

* Pre-schools and child-care facilities, including property and parking areas

* Any building or portion of building under control of government: federal, state and local

* Jails… including property and parking areas

* Hospitals, mental health facilities nursing homes, including property and parking areas

* Public transportation, including property and parking areas

* Liquor serving establishments that derive more than 50% of gross receipts from alcohol sales, including property and parking areas

* Any public gathering or special event requiring a permit from a unit of local government

* Building or property issued a “Special Event Retailer’s license” for alcohol sales.

* Any public playground.

* Any public park or facility under control of a municipality or park district, trails excluded

* Cook County Forest Preserve property.

* University property, including parking areas

* Riverboat gambling facilities or off-track betting facilities, including property and parking areas

* Stadiums, arenas, any college or professional sporting event, public library, airport, amusement parks, zoos and museums, including property and parking areas

* Nuclear-related facilities, including property and parking areas. No safe storage of firearms or ammunition in or on the street, driveway, parking area, property, etc of these facilities.

* Any area where firearms are prohibited under federal law.

* Owner of private property that posts their establishment with a conspicuous 4” x 6” signage at the entrance.


“Safe Harbor”

A licensee may carry a concealed firearm in most of the above-mentioned parking lots for the purpose of locking the firearm in the trunk, provided the firearm is unloaded before exiting the vehicle. The firearm must be cased if left in a locked vehicle or locked within a container or trunk of a vehicle if the vehicle is unlocked.


Violations of Prohibited locations

First time: $150 fine & Class B misdemeanor

Second time: $150 fine, six-month license suspension and Class B misdemeanor

Third time: $150 fine, revocation of carry license and a Class A misdemeanor.


Do “No Guns” signs have force of law:  YES.


Duty to notify police officer:  NO.

Licensees are only required to disclose the possession of a concealed firearm if asked by a police officer. There is no “duty to inform” at the onset of a police contact. (Section 10(h)).


Open carry:  NO.

The firearm must be concealed or “mostly” concealed.


Carry in restaurants that serve alcohol: YES

So long as they derive 50%+ receipts in food.


Back-up guns: NO PROVISION.

The bills has no provision for those carrying a second firearm, although it doesn’t specifically prohibit it.


Applicant firearm training.

Within 60 days of the enactment, the ISP will begin approval of training courses and list them on their website.

Sixteen hours of training is required and shall cover firearm safety; principles of marksmanship; care, cleaning, loading and unloading of a concealed firearm; legal issues and interaction with police.


Qualification: Applicants must successfully complete a 30-round qualification on a B-27 silhouette target (24” wide by 45” tall), with 10-rounds fired from each 5, 7 and 10 yards. 70% hits are required anywhere on the black silhouette.


Previous training: Applicants will be credited with up to eight of the sixteen hour requirement with a) previous firearm training or b) honorable discharge from military.


If you want to read the text of Illinois’ new carry bill, go to the ilga.gov website and type in HB0183 into “Search by number” field and hit enter.  You’re looking for “Amendment 5”.


Photos courtesy Oleg Volk.  Used with permission.

26 thoughts on “Illinois’ new carry bill: What you should know and FAQs”
  1. Does unloaded mean, for semi-autos, that the magazine is out of the weapon (still filled) and there is none in the pipe, or must the magazines be empty also (life in the People’s Republic of Maryland).

    Can a gun be locked in a box that is attached to the seat in the passenger compartment (people in Florida like me have these things).

    The shooting qualification is less extensive than what armored car drivers in Florida (See the G License), and we have to re-qualify every year.

    1. as far as I know… ‘unloaded’ in Illinois has always meant no round in the chamber and magazine outside the gun… but the magazine itself doesn’t have to be empty.

  2. Its not worth the $150 for all the places you can’t carry… Where exactly can you carry? Apparently, my car, my backyard, and walking down the street with no destination(because most likely any public destination will be prohibited). I can’t even stop to rest on a park bench because then I would be in the park. How do I know if the resturant makes more in liquor then food? Is that yearly, monthly, or daily? And I still think this is more may issue then shall issue.

    I love when people say were better off then we were before. How exactly? Now, if you pay $150(+ associated other fees), the state wil give you a worthless piece of paper but at least your name will be in another system. Joy.

    Every day it feels more and more like I woke up in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

    1. Ok, Dennis the bill is not perfect. Stop borrowing trouble. We may be surprised that there will be a significant # of restaurants that do serve liquor and not post no firearms signs. I liked hb997 better, but at least we don’t have local laws that could be more restrictive than this.

      This is addressed as a general point. If you would carry in a prohibited place and you carry a concealed weapon properly, then only you will know that you have that weapon. You would be able to pass through that place without incident if you act as if you belong and nobody will know what you carry.

      Feedback is welcome here. If you think I have a valid point please say so. If you think I am in left field about just carrying and pass thru discretely, then let me know that too and why I shouldn’t do that.

    2. How about the bank, grocery store, mall, your car…etc? If it saves you an arrest, confiscated firearm it is definitely worth $150. Not to mention the opportunity to piss a liberal off or actually use it to save an innocent life. Priceless.

  3. Yeah, 150 bucks is a lot of cash considering all the places that you can’t carry.

  4. $150 is way too much and that does not include the cost of class etc. The majority of the prohibited places are the places one would normally need to carry. Illinois government has no common sense.

    1. Oh, they have sense…. they were ordered to create a concealed carry law so they gave us one that is next to completely worthless. Now they did what they were told to do and we got nothing. Since no one will actually be carrying outside their car or around their house, there will be very little if any drop in crime and a year later, they’ll be telling us all about it. We were beter off without this. As a matter of fact crime will actually INCREASE as the gang bangers will be breaking in to every car with a pro gun bumper sticker because they know right where your gun will be. Be prepared to be on the front page when your Glock is used in the next Chicago slaying. I want out of this circus!

  5. The bill isn’t ideal, by a long shot.

    Why is it such a crappy bill?

    Because too few IL gun owners contacted their legislators nearly enough to hold the line. In the end, a lot of marginal legislators were ready to fold.

    That’s what got us this bill.

    If we had even half of the outrage over carry that we had over Madigan’s proposal to make FOID card info public, we would have had a GREAT carry bill.


  6. HB 183 is a cruel hoax played on the honest, legal gun owners in Illinois.
    It demonstrates what we have claimed all along, Chicago runs this state. Nothing about this Bill makes sense. It creates a maze of anti gun zones across this state that will be used to trap legal gun owners into criminal charges.
    Illinois’ CCW permit will not be honored in other states as Illinois will not honor other state permits because they can’t meet our outlandish requirements. The requirements for our partial state permit far exceed the benefits of the permit.
    Dragging out passage of the Bill until the last minute, the phony 30-day stay to give our Chicago owned Governor a chance to study a Bill he lobbied against, will give many towns and cities the chance to pass their own local anti gun laws. Just what the Madigans wanted.
    Illinois again ignores the Constitution and places limits and boundaries on the Second Amendment. This Bill will not have any impact on crime or criminals, it just places an unjust burden on legal gun owners as we struggle to exercise our Constitutional Rights.

    1. and then when there isn’t an impact on crime, the anti-gunners will use those stats to try to take it back away. I think I’ll probably go ahead and get a permit, just to increase the number of permits out there… even if I probably won’t cary 90% of the time due to all the restrictions.

      Then again.. for what I’ll pay for the training and permit, I could get another gun. 🙂

  7. I agree with John Boch
    If all the people that are complaining about this bill would have taken the same amount of time to make their voices heard to lawmakers we would have a law we could be proud of.
    Its a small victory but a victory none the less. Speak up and be heard and maybe we could get this bill improved over time

    1. Just like I said earlier… there is no victory in this… the bad press in a year will hurt us….. The anti-gunners are allready salavating over the presents we gave them: 1) No drop in crime because you can’t carry anywhere, 2) All of the legal guns that willl be used in shootings because they stole them out of our vehicles, 3) All of the permit holders who make the front page because they crossed some line and brought their gun with them. We’ll be lucky if this law doesn’t lead us to outright confiscation!

    2. Then let the lawsuits begin we just keep suing til we get what we want the state is broke they cant defend against a big class action or multiple small suits for ever.

  8. Can someone please clarify safe harbor? Which parking lots are we allowed to?

  9. The problem in Illinois is intimidation. There has never been anything that prevented our exercising our constitutional privileges except fear. The Appelate Court got it right when forced to face the issue, we the people were just too frightened to challenge the illegal acts of our own legislature sooner.

    It doesn’t help when representatives, district attorneys and sheriffs all stand silent in the face of tyrants but they too are fearful creatures. Democracies have fallen the world over because of the lack of personal virtue. Truly there are few brave amongst us!

    You want your government back then we each have to take it back and send the mobsters back to their hole called Chicago.. Thank the Christian GOD for the few downstate District Atty’s and Sheriffs that today are standing up to tyranny. So strap it on and go forth, the mobsters do not want a confrontation, you can force Quinn to sign this bill tomorrow.

    A revolution begins when the government no longer intimidates its people. Make some noise!

  10. So much for reciprocity. Liberty minded Illinois legislators had’em by the short hairs and let them go (anti’s). So, this former Illinoisan will still have to lock up my personal defense tool when coming through? Apparently. If that stands, I’ll continue my practice of not spending one red cent in Illinois for anything, and making it as quickly across the state as legally possible. – Many of my family members and gunny acquaintances do the same and will likely continue the practice with no recognition of our right to defend.

    I had hoped for better results with the 7th CofA gift. And for those saying this is a ‘start’: With Chicago still running things, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hades any improvements will be made in the foreseeable future. Only a court decision has forced their hand and you can bet they’ll be looking at ways to throw roadblocks at implementation and add requirements for ‘safety’ down the road. Cook County rats have already declared parks in Cook Cty shall remain victim disarmament zones and that’s for starters.

    Ricardo in Wy

  11. i too am bothered by this add-on of did i fail a drug test—what drugs? i am disabled, have had a triple bypass in 2001: i take a lot of medications…does that mean i cannot apply and obtain a ICC permit? how many of us are taking “drugs” (not medications) unable to find answer….great great work all you do!

    1. No, sir.

      It means if you took a pee test to get a job at Lowe’s and failed, or failed one at your workplace (defined has having non-prescribed controlled substances in your urine), then you would be theoretically ineligible to get a carry permit for a year…


  12. MrB…thanks for clarity on this, whatever I take is medically prescribed therefore I can apply!

  13. Both the wife and I are CCW and travel a lot across Illinois, (seven round trips so far this year). We make it a point to not spend any time or Money in Illinois and only stop to use the bathroom on the interstate and will continue to do so until Illinois joins the rest of the US of A.

  14. dont really understand the hubbub about where you cant carry, now jails and courts and the like sure understandable but come on people its CCW, by definition it means no one sees, no one knows. just carry it and dont wave it around and keep your mouth shut about it

  15. After reading the “prohibited list” I see no value in having a CC license in Illinois. This list contains the locations where we SHOULD be allowed to carry. $150 and additional fees for training and whatever else they will probably tack on might allow me to carry in my home, garage, and maybe my own yard!
    Chicago wins!!

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