Well, by golly, Staples is a lot closer to my office than some of their competitors, but if this is their attitude about gun owners, then maybe I need to drive that extra mile.


Gun Shop Allegedly Banned From Partcipating in Popular Store’s Contest: ‘Entry Contains Content That Promotes…Firearms’

(Blaze) – Maple Creek Gunsmithing, a firearms store in Fremont, Nebraska, is claiming that Staples, the popular office supply chain, rejected a recent contest application from the shop — because Maple Creek sells guns.

The store, which is owned by Travis Vonseggern and Bill Jackson, recently applied for Staples’ PUSH It Forward Contest, an opportunity for small businesses to win cash to help pay for online marketing efforts. But Vonseggern and Jackson were purportedly sent a message explaining that they are ineligible.

The alleged rejection e-mail that was sent by Staples and subsequently published on the Maple Creek Gunsmithing Facebook page reads:

    We’re sorry, but your small business entry into the Staples PUSH It Forward Contest has been rejected* for the following reason(s):

Entry contains content that promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; promotes any particular political agenda or message; is obscene or offensive; or endorses any form of hate or hate group.

Please visit the Staples PUSH It Forward Contest if you wish to submit a new entry for your small business.

In a separate message, the gun shop owners described the disqualification and noted their dissatisfaction with Staples’ decision. In addition to decrying the rejection, Maple Creek Gunsmithing pledged to not do business with the chain again — and encouraged others to join in on the boycott.

The owners even put out a call to the community, asking for fans to suggest local office supply stores that they can do business with in the future.

“They went as far to say that they lump us in with illegal drug use. Wow we spent a ton of money with them and this is the support we get,” the post reads. “We are never spending a dime in that store again and would encourage you to do the same.”

6 thoughts on “STAPLES: Execs lump gun owners in with obscenity, hate groups, criminals”
  1. You need to fax them the receipts from the other store and let them know why….

  2. A contest named “PUSH It Forward” is evocative of the Obama campaign’s Forward message, anyway; I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the management of Staples was a bunch of Progressives.

  3. Remember when staples “inkind” the use of an arena so the dnc could have its convention there?
    Need I say more?

  4. I fired off a letter of protest to Staples this morning informing them that I would no longer shop at Staples as long as their policy remains in place. Here is the pertinent part of their reply:
    Hi Frederick, thank you for your feedback.
    We heard you! At Staples, we value all of our customers and appreciate your feedback. We now realize the rules of our Push It Forward contest were too restrictive and kept out legitimate businesses.
    Unfortunately, we can’t change the rules once the contest is underway. But we will revise our rules to make sure future contests are more inclusive and reflect our commitment to helping all small businesses….
    Customer Support Representative

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