It’s the hash-tag for the twitter group celebrating the “no snitch” rule.

Remember the 6 month old little girl shot and killed in Chicago back in March?  She was a cute little baby.

Jonylah Watkins, 6 months, was shot along with her father Monday, March 11, 2013, in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. (Family photo and Tribune Caption)

Police made an arrest last week of this fine, upstanding ghetto denizen:

Koman Willis, the suspect in the killing of the baby, has been arrested 46 times since 1996.  His 47th arrest?  For murder of a six month old Jonylah Watkins.  What a monster.

Chicago (Tribune) – Six-month-old Jonylah Watkins was fatally shot over a stolen video game console, Chicago police said Monday as they announced an arrest in a slaying that has come to symbolize the city’s deadly gun culture.

Authorities charged Koman Willis, 33, with killing the infant and shooting her father while they sat parked in a minivan in the Woodlawn neighborhood on March 11. A bullet entered Jonylah’s right shoulder and traveled down through her left thigh. She died the following day. Her father, Jonathan Watkins, survived multiple gunshot wounds.

Jonathan Watkins, 29, had been Willis’ target “in retaliation for a stolen video game system,” police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said. The animosity began after a game system was taken from Willis’ Chatham apartment and sold to someone else in the neighborhood, according to law enforcement sources.

When the new owner hooked up the system at home, he saw it belonged to Willis, a fairly well-known figure in the neighborhood and a convicted felon with more than three dozen arrests dating to 1996. Not wanting any trouble, the new owner returned the game console to Willis and told him that he purchased it from Watkins, one of the sources said.

Why, you ask, did it take months to make an arrest?

Second City Cop is on it:

And why did it take so long to make an arrest?  This comment gives some insight into what cops and detectives are up against each and every day:

UPDATE: PER BEAT 560; Be advised that since our arrival and securing of the scene, approximately 10 onlookers and even family members left briefly and returned with t-shirts with the twitter group #NOTALKING on it. There is a direct passive movement to prevent any potential witnesses from cooperating with investigators.

Wondering who in the world would buy clothes advocating the “no snitch” culture that seems to permeate the inner city of Chicago?  Second City Cop offers up the target market for the #NOTALKING line of clothes.

Before I reprint that, let me show you some images I found and see if it helps you answer that question.




Second City Cop:

It turns out there is an entire clothing line based on the #NOTALKING twitter hashtag based right here in Chicago. And guess what the target demographic is? If you say “gangs and thugs,” give yourself a pat on the back.



7 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Why, in part? #NOTALKING”
  1. Its not ‘gangs and thugs’ it’s BLACK gangs and thugs!!
    There is a culture of violence and disproportionate response to any offense there….. Over 80% of Chicago’s dead are black on black crimes! If they dont care about their own, why should we?

    1. There vast majority of blacks in Chicago are good people. 2/3rds of Blacks in IL live in Cook County… 1.2M approximately.

      They aren’t the problem. It’s the subset of hoodlums and thugs prowling and victimizing others that are the problem.


    2. I absolutely agree with you. The subset of mutts who perpetuate this are the problem, but even at that, its one of those things where we have to pretend that it does NOT occur in vastly greater numbers by, and to blacks. Even pointing that out is somehow ‘racist’….. SMH…

      The responsibility for this rests solely within the culture that perpetuates, and tolerates it…

    3. The reason why we as a civilization have to care is because innocent victims get caught in the crossfire. Sitting back and doing nothing will only allow the evil hand a stronger grip on those neighborhoods. We as the Sheepdogs need to protect the people and stand up for righteousness and justice, and make people accountable for the actions they commit.

      One of the problems we have is up in those neighborhoods, the gangster lifestyle is taught and upheld from generation to generation. Morals, work ethic, honesty, and life values are not being taught to the youth of America today. Look at MTV, Facebook, Twitter, and the overall youth culture.

      Instead of working for the money you need to buy the things you want/need. They are taught that they are entitled to those things from our government. I am not talking about solely the black communities, but as a country in general.

      “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for life.”

      “Evil only has a true stronghold when the righteous people refuse to stand up for what’s right and just.”

    4. >>>why should we?<<<

      I dunno . . . decency? Humanism?
      Get a grip, Captain Racist.

      There's no "their own" vs. "we" here. These idiots in their #NOTALKING shirts don't own the people whose lives they're throwing away.

  2. Also, Mr. Willis; You deserve to burn for what u did! May God have mercy; because I sure as hell won’t.

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