It’s been a rough week.

Time for some lighter fare to restore your faith in humanity.


(Today) – Tatum Raetz graduated from kindergarten this week, just three days after her police officer father was killed while investigating a drunk driving case.

But the 5-year-old girl definitely felt her father’s presence at her ceremony, thanks to nearly 300 uniformed officers standing in his place at her Phoenix elementary school.

…Tatum’s father, Daryl Raetz, was fatally hit early Sunday morning while investigating a DUI case. The 29-year-old Iraq war veteran had been with the Phoenix police department since June 2007.

On Monday, several officers learned about Tatum’s graduation ceremony and word spread like wildfire within the department, Holmes said. The initial handful of officers planning to attend soon burgeoned into dozens, and then far more.

“It turned into the entire department going, ‘No way, I’m going, you can’t stop me’ kind of thing,” he said.


3 thoughts on “A lighter story: Cops stand in for fallen officer’s daughter’s kindergarten graduation”
  1. The “Thin Blue Line” was well represented by these fine upstanding officers.

  2. Oh, I see any comment that doesn’t bloviate mind-numbed support for cops is CENSORED.

    Did anyone know that the editor will REMOVE POSTS he disagrees with?

    No profanity. No name-calling. Just spite for cops stated. GONE.

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