One way to influence legislators and win Second  Amendment votes is to not wait until the last minute.

This is what a poster named Bullet found, and he’s posted a nice piece on the publically accessible part of the Appleseed Forum called The Second Amendment:  How We Win the Vote.  Here’s a teaser:

Many of us hear the news coming from Washington or our state government and feel helpless. It’s easy to think, I’m only one person, and this stuff is really confusing….what can I do? By the time you finish reading this article, you should never have to ask that question again. You’ll have at least 3 specific action items to do, and you should be convinced that you, one person, CAN significantly impact the course of events in your community and state, and potentially in our country.

Sometimes, though, it takes an inciting incident to make us get off the couch and actually get something done. Mine happened a couple of years ago.

I was keenly interested in a bill in my state legislature that would significantly expand the right of the people to keep and bear arms. However, I had no experience in political involvement, and no desire to get any. So, I figured that the best thing I could do was simply to watch on the sidelines while others more capable than I fought for right.

Unfortunately, the bill died.

The last day of the session, I finally picked up the phone and made frantic calls to legislators…

You can read the rest here.

One thought on “Win the argument, win the vote”
  1. The “argument” was won long ago. It’s called ratification of the 2nd Amendment.
    Ever since there have been people continuing to argue that “compromises” and “good deals” must be made (when that’s just code for “accept concessions constituting infringements”). The reason the “vote” has been “lost” is because far too many have taken the bait, have stood down instead of standing up, have “let the professionals worry about that stuff”. They have followed others who told them accepting something less than their rights was right thing to do. Too many have been convinced that if they just concede enough they will be “allowed”.

    Those who negotiate rights are as guilty of harming their free exercise as those who would snatch them outright -for those are the folks saying there is such a thing as a good deal possible with those who would ignore the Second Amendment entirely if they could.

    The right of the PEOPLE means there is NO STATES RIGHTS argument to be made. It’s an INDUVIDYAL RIGHT! Shall not be infringed means there is NO GOOD DEAL POSSIBLE. Folks, there is no gray area. Either these rights are observed protected and defended or they are infringed. Rights are NOT subject to the VOTE period. That’s the PURPOSE of enumeration.

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