Imagine that?  A mainstream media outlet, hardly pro-gun, covering the rising popularity of the AR-15 among women shooters.

Well, gee, let’s see, they don’t call it America’s favorite rifle for nothing!  And women ‘ain’t’ stupid.

The AR is easy to use, minimal recoil, a proven man-stopper (especially with quick follow-up shots), 30-round capacity with standard magazines, highly customizable and modular, and if you really want to know how effective America’s favorite rifle is at personal defense, you need look no further than America’s police departments which are using the AR in overwhelming numbers as their long-guns.

It’s America’s favorite rifle because it’s the biggest selling rifle in America, ever.  There’s an entire industry, which is doing very well, providing accessories to the AR platform.  Millions have been distributed in the last couple of decades and their sales have reached a fever pitch a couple of months ago.

Leave it to the mainstream media to get around to noticing the elephant in the room of mice when it can’t be ignored any longer.


The Rise in Popularity of the AR-15 Among Women

(CNBC) – It’s a clear, sunny day on the shooting range. Only the crack of gunshots breaks the silence.

What’s unique on this range is that all the gun owners are members of A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League—and they’re all firing AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.

“I think there is a small bit of status for a gal that says she owns an AR-15,” said Juliana Crowder, president and co-founder of A Girl and a Gun. “Especially right now, since they’re so hard to get a hold of.”

Recent attempts to pass stricter gun laws are having an unintended effect: AR-15s are flying off store shelves. The rifles and their accessories account for roughly a billion dollars of the $4 billion U.S. gun industry.

“The AR-15 is becoming extremely popular among women,” said Crowder. “Some women are very gadgety or want to be personalized, they’re painting them, getting these different grips and colors, and stylizing it. It’s very popular because they can build it to their own specifications– use it for fun, and feel pride of ownership in it.”

ARs are the most popular rifle in America. They are easy to shoot as well, so easy even a child can shoot them all day (see lower left).



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