As the sign says, not everyone can be an aerospace engineer when they grow up, so they join the Associated Press instead.  The reporters noted that the Boston islamic terrorists did not abide by Massachusetts’ gun laws.

BOSTON (AP) — As churches paused to mourn the dead and console the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing Sunday, the city’s police commissioner said the two suspects had such a large cache of weapons that they were probably planning other attacks. The surviving suspect remained hospitalized and unable to speak with a gunshot wound to the throat.

After the two brothers engaged in a gun battle with police early Friday, authorities found many unexploded homemade bombs at the scene, along with more than 250 rounds of ammunition.Neither of the brothers had permission to carry a gun. Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas said it was unclear whether either of them ever applied for a gun permit, and the applications are not considered public records.

But the younger brother would have been denied a permit based on his age alone. Only people 21 or older are allowed gun licenses in Massachusetts.


But that didn’t stop them from reporting on Senator Fossil Lautenberg’s plan to introduce more gun control in the wake of the islamic terrorist attack.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Fossil Lautenberg’s office) —In the wake of the deadly bombing attacks in Boston, U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) today announced that he will reintroduce legislation he has proposed in a prior Congress to require that sales of explosive powder be subject to a background check.  He will also file the legislation as an amendment to the gun violence prevention bill currently on the Senate floor.

3 thoughts on “Terrorists don’t abide by gun laws. Duh!”
  1. I wonder where the gummint keeps that list of licenses and permits that the terrorists, gangbangers, and crooks in general have applied for?

  2. “Explosive powder” like grain dust, for example? Need to pass a background check before you can dump grain at an elevator. That’ll stop those elevators from periodically exploding.

    1. Sugar and flour dust are both explosive too. Better get that background check for anyone buying a bag of sugar or flour at the grocery store… and don’t get me started on coffee creamer… that stuff is dangerous.

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