by John Naese
I’ll bet there is at least a twinge of depression in all of you right now.  Maybe more than a twinge.  At Guns Save Life, we like to look on the bright side, but it’s hard to do that all the time.  Everywhere you look, more idiots are proposing more bad laws, more restrictions on our civil rights, calling us bad names and blaming us for the actions of evil madmen.

“What can I do,” you ask.  “I’ve called my elected officials, I’ve talked to the people I know.  I’ve supported, with money and with time, those causes which I think can help make a difference.  But I still don’t feel better; in fact, I feel worse every time I turn on the radio or get on the internet.”

How can you take revenge on these fools?  What’s the best way to get back at those that would deny you your Second Amendment rights?


The rights, I mean; not the fools.  No one enjoys the fools.  But you should ENJOY your rights.

If I have the right to free speech, but I never speak, how much good does that right do me?  Not nearly as much as if I exercise it.  Likewise with the Second, simply having the right to keep and bear, without exercising it, is not all that effective.

Get out there to the range.  Do some shooting.  Better yet, take someone else shooting who has never been, or does not own a gun.  Take a class.  Attend an Appleseed.  Go to an IDNR Wingshooting clinic.

Go to a Guns Save Life meeting.  Better yet, bring someone with you who has never been to one.

Don’t keep your light under a bushel.  When you get back to work or wherever, talk to folks.  Tell them what you did over the weekend, and how much fun it was.

Yes, you still need to email, call, write, and visit your public officials.  Regularly.  This may not be the highlight of your week.  (You do it weekly, don’t you?  You need to.)

Yes, you still need to cook dinner, cut the grass, and pay the bills.

But make time for some shooting.  Take up a sport, and do it once a week or once a month.   Read GunNews for ideas, then implement those ideas.

You’ll have fun.  You’ll have your safe, legal revenge on the fools.  And you’ll advance the cause of Liberty.

See you out on the range.

4 thoughts on “JOHN NAESE: The Best Revenge”
  1. Good advise, John, get out and shoot some targets when you can, support those who support your Second Amendment rights, meet others who want to learn to shoot and help them to learn.
    Next week, the 25th, join those who want to open an indoor range at the Champaign County board meeting and support them in their efforts, Champaign County needs an indoor range, lets all help to make it happen!


    1. Richland County (Olney) is trying to get a public shooting range, as we don’t have one. On our Nov. 2012 ballot 75% of voters were in favor. City, County law enforcement are interested in using it; as well as DOC-Lawrence Prison. Keep us in your prayers.

  2. have to be able to buy ammo in order to shoot…. last time I went to the range, I fired 5 rounds. It’s near impossible to find .223 or even .22LR anymore. I can’t even get powder, bullets, and primers to reload these days.

  3. Yes, shooting requires ammo. I remember a quote from a strong anti-gun person, many years ago, “We don’t have to control the guns; just the ammunition.” Does this make sense, today? We do have to conserve ammo until, hopefully, it becomes abundant again; but snap caps and dummy rounds are re-usable. It is possible to practice weapon handling skills and drills, with these.

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