Guns Save Life is strongly opposed to the Manchin-Toomey background check compromise.

Put simply, the bill restricts your ability to sell your own personal property, and allows the federal government to capture information about the sale as part of a background check.  Registration of firearms is a vital component to gun confiscation, and anyone that says that can’t happen in America needs look no further than California where it’s happening right now.  “See a shrink, lose your guns,” would be an applicable description of what’s happening there in some cases.

We might be more inclined to support a voluntary call-in number where private individuals could call an 800 number to check on the eligibility of a certain individual to own firearms, but then again there would be privacy issues there as anyone could call about anyone, including someone they intended to rob or otherwise victimize to determine if there is a legal prohibition to firearms in that household.  In other words, prohibited persons would be at a higher risk of home invasion, burglary, assault and so forth.

There are no shortage of laws on the books dealing with selling firearms to prohibited persons and usually common sense goes a long way to detecting an attempted so-called “straw purchase”.  No responsible gun owner wants to put a gun in the hands of an irresponsible person.

And just as we don’t penalize all responsible drivers for the acts of a few irresponsible people, we should not penalize all gun owners for the acts of a few criminals.

Gun control is an utter failure in its intended purpose as much as Prohibition and the war on drugs.  Gun control only increases violent crime, every time.

Certainly the compromise has some provisions for reducing restrictions on gun owners and we think those would be fine proposals to pass into law.

In short, we are opposed to the Manchin-Toomey compromise, and frankly, believe both men should be primaried at the next election when their terms are expiring.

3 thoughts on “Guns Save Life OPPOSED to the Manchin-Toomey background check compromise”
  1. You bet they should be ousted. Notice that the treachery is “bipartisan”.

    So many have said there must be compromise.
    Well, the just worked out to a another may issue bill coming to pass here in Illinois.
    I’ve said all along that opening the door to accepting permission slips was a VERY BAD idea. Why, if you support permits and you support only law abiding people gaining permission slips then certainly you should support may issue so that LEO can ensure that only the trained and responsible get permits, right?

    May is just like shall issue, really it is. It’s safer even! And it won’t be abused either they promise.

    Just say NO! To the premise of permission slips. It is the only way to stop the ABUSE by the ILGA and the parties “working there”. And at the national level- DITTO.

    1. Calling Senator kirks and Durbin offices was futile. Kirk is a co-sponsor and Durbin hates guns and could care less about Down-State voters. Both don’t care about military veterans who may loose their 2nd Amendment rights due to PTSD but function normally with meds. Even Kirk ‘s office said that part was a “sticking” point.
      Durbin will pay when veterans and down state voters kick him out of office.

  2. Watching the “gun debates” today on C-Span showed how Schumer, Feinstein and certain others saw no reason not to flat out lie with statistic, numbers, try to get support for their pet projects. (90% of Americans support tough gun laws, all police officers in metro New York oppose CCW, assualt rifles and large capacity magazines ban would have prevented Newtown, etc.)
    Kirk and Durbin voted the Chicago agenda as expected.
    Republicans are now getting blamed, in a Democrat controlled Senate, of blocking gun control.
    Regardless of today’s victories, the Second Amendment continues under attack.

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