Well, it appears that crazy, leftist freedom hating Lisa is back to push for strict Concealed Carry laws. She apparently feels we should model ourselves after New York. As John B. Posted earlier today the crime rate is skyrocketing in New York because of their great new gun laws..


Courtesy of State Journal Register

Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she believes Illinois lawmakers could pass concealed-carry legislation that gives local law enforcement some control over who can carry a loaded gun in public.

The Chicago Democrat said the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal Monday to take up a case challenging New York’s strict handgun laws opens the doors for Illinois lawmakers to take a similar approach when crafting legislation by the court-mandated June 9 deadline… Read more here


2 thoughts on “Crazy Lisa back in the headlines…”
  1. Maybe she and Rahm can craft the language for the Bill. It’d be “SURE” to be bullet-proof if these two brilliant Dems were in charge.

    Oh, WAIT…..that would prove the inmates WERE running the asylum…..and be a crisis-in-waiting, instead of a crisis-gone-to-waste.

    These people are whacked.

  2. U.S. Defense Dept. to Stage Night Drills at Mental Health Center

    The urban training exercises are set for the nights of April 23-24 on the grounds of the closed mental health center. Village officials want to make sure residents know what’s going on and aren’t alarmed.

    By Joe Vince

    The U.S. Department of Defense will be staging regional urban training exercises two nights next week on the Tinley Park Mental Health Center grounds, village officials announced Tuesday.


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