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There has been an illegal stabbing (as opposed to a legal one) in Texas. The crazed knife wielding lunatic decided to use an “assault knife” to injure innocent victims..

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Multiple victims have been injured in a stabbing attack on the Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus, with one person taken into custody. Authorities now believe there was only one attacker.

The violence broke out at about 11:20am at the rear of the Health Sciences Building on the Cy-Fair campus on Barker Cypress Road. The Harris County Sheriff’s Department confirms 14 victims, and one suspect in custody. There had been reports of a second suspect, but HCSO now confirms they believe the suspect acted alone and they are ending the search for any further suspects.

No motive for the attack has been determined, and the suspect’s identity has not been released.

Four patients were taken by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute and two more patients were transported by ground ambulance. The remainder were taken to North Cypress Hospital, and two people refused treatment at the scene. Two of the victims are listed in critical condition. Click here to read more

I am confident that King Obama will as diligently and deliberately pursue “knife control”. It is about the families of these victims having justice for this heinous crime. The children of the college deserve better.. Not to mention just good old common sense.. We need more knife laws.. Because we all know that more laws would have stopped this lunatic!

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  1. Even though this latest mass violence was a knife and not a gun, it still points that gun free zones are dangerous. True, I don’t know for sure if that campus was, but in Texas?, and no one shot back?, sounds like gun free. Pundits will have heyday with the knife and not a gun, but they will not address gun free zones.

    1. A student was interviewed on TV. He talked openly about gun free zone status. He talked about wishing someone would have been armed ……

    2. I’m glad for that, but I was referring to main stream media, politicians and major anti gun folks.

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