Compare a group of 12 leftists turning out in downtown Chicago (population 2,707,120 in 2011) last week…

Protesting the inevitable: A group of 12 fringe leftists protest the coming right-to-carry law. They wore targets on their chests to symbolize their kookish belief that law-abiding, card-carrying good guys will target these individuals personally for violence when the good guys can start carrying guns outside the home.


…with the 240 gun owners and supporters at the Friend of NRA banquet in Urbana, Illinois (population 41,518 in 2o11)  last weekend…


The nearly packed crowd at the 2013 Illini Country Friend of NRA dinner in Urbana, IL Saturday night, March 23rd. The dinner was a fundraiser for shooting sports. Click for full size.


Dividing out the turnouts for the respective events with the population of the venues, it would seem that raising money for the NRA is 1304 times, per capita in the respective cities, more popular than demonstrating against the civil right of self-defense.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot…

Half of the net monies raised at these dinners stays in the area, in this case southern Illinois, for shooting sports projects.  The other half goes to the Friends of NRA national for national-level grants.

Here’s Gordon Hannagan auctioning off one of the items on the live auction lineup. To his right is Donald Higgs (CSM, USA, retired) the southern Illinois FNRA field rep. The check represents the $190,000 given out in grants in the southern Illinois region – all monies donated by groups of people just like this one in 2012.



Kids and shooting are a big part of why we were there. Here’s one of the young ones who won a BB-gun. He held it pretty close for the rest of the night. This photo was taken a half-hour after he won his new Red Ryder BB gun!


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  1. The entire event was grreat. Of the one couple who sat at the table, the wife admitted she knew nothing about guns. She stated she enjoyed herself and thought it was fantastic to see the kids being involved so much and enjoying it as well. A really nice family evening to be had by all.

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