What a farce.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Activists staged a protest Thursday over Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s decision to wait until the legislature follows a court order and passes a new concealed carry law, rather than appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports a dozen activists wore official NRA pistol targets like sandwich boards as they staged a rally inside the Thompson Center, where Madigan’s Chicago office is located.

Check out this rocket surgeon’s comment near the end of the story:

David Borris, president of Chicago Area Peace Action said, “believe me, there’s going to be all the Dirty Harry wannabes that are gonna see that purse get snatched, and they’re going to want to drop to one knee, and start shooting.”

Meanwhile, two weeks ago:

Approximately 8100 gun owners and supporters turned out for Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day on March 7.



3 thoughts on “Anti-gun “Protest” at Thompson Center in Chicago turns out… 12.”
  1. HILARIOUS! I sent this story in as a tip to The Blaze.com Here’s hoping they pick up on this story! It needs as MUCH attenetion as possible! John, you’re a gem!

    Keep up the FINE work!

  2. Sooooo, lemme get this straight, the anti-gun protesters are wearing ” official NRA pistol targets like sandwich boards” because they are potential/actual criminals giving law-abiding citizens with the Right to carry somethiung to shoot at? Don’t they realize that living in Chicago, they are already targets of any criminal thug who is already carrying concealed (illegally) that wants what they have? They are the true definition of “low-information” voters! Well, if the targets they are wearing are official NRA targets, and bought from the NRA, the funds used from the sale of the targets will support the NRA and the fight for our Constitutional firearms Rights. Thank you morons!

  3. Do they really think concealed carry permit holders would become “Dirty Harry?”

    Has that happened in other states with concealed carry?

    Last week a friend sent me a poster of an F18 in full flight and loaded to the teeth with weapons. The caption read to the effect, “Do gun huggers really think they can overpower the government?”

    If we had 3,500,000 AR 15’s or M1A’s at the ready, we would make a big dent.

    What worries me more is that the author of this poster has already given up his freedom. Without so much as a thought, they have already surrendered their minds to being enslaved.

    It like the fellow that visited India and saw this huge elephant tied to a pole by a small rope. The fellow was amazed that such a small rope could contain such a huge beast. The owner of the elephant explained that the rope could not possibly hold the huge elephant now, but when the elephant was tiny it had been restrained by the rope and had learned it could not break the rope so it had given up trying.

    Our forefathers are crying.

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