Similar sized cities with a lot in common.

Until you get to gun availability, temperature and homicide rates.

Gun control activists’ conclusion:  Cold weather causes murders.

Hat tip to Tom Immel.

7 thoughts on “A tale of two cities: Chicago and Houston”
  1. One star missing for comparison is illegal alien population.

    Well, I suppose that would be about equal so it being missing probably wouldn’t change the cold conclusion. ;)-

  2. That’s odd, I always was under the impression that immoral thugs/criminals are/were the ones that are/were instrumental in murdering fellow citizens, NOT “glo-bull warming/climate change”.
    I wonder if there is any data on how many non-christians vs. christians are murder perps. And what about those who are raised in a family as opposed to “single parent/grandparent”, … the influence of a “father figure” if he is a moral christian with work ethics has to make a difference as opposed to no adult male influence whatsoever.

    1. Good one! But one suggestion: I call it Gore-bull warming. (Heavy on the bull) It has a deeper meaning!

  3. I’ll bet the Chicago Mayor has just felt a tremendous weight lifted off his shoulders. Imagine the relief he must feel just knowing that the families of the hundreds of victims of Chicago’s violence can no longer link his gun banning policies to their inability to defend themselves because self defense apparently isn’t the problem. The problem is the weather – maybe they didn’t dress properly. Of course that’s it, everyone in Chicago simply needs to wear a bullet proof jacket!

  4. 2010 Violent crime rate in Illinois 62.71% above national average
    2010 Property crime 23.37% above national average
    2010 Violent crime rate in Chicago 148.31% above national average
    2010 Property crime 44% above national average
    Chicago crime index 8 (100 is safest)
    your chance of becoming a victim in Illinois? 1 in 37
    now talk to me about “Right to carry”

  5. Just one of the ignored stats on this chart is that 2 millionish population in Chicago is over 234 square miles, Houston is the same population over 627 square miles. But well done on jumping to race breakdown!

  6. too bad 99% of the “facts”on this are wrong….morons. no gun shops in chicago, really? and they had 500 deaths, not 807, while huston had more than 200. joke or not, this is just pathetic.

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