The merry-go-round in Springfield’s capitol building continues unabated.

Yesterday, House Speaker Michael Madigan continued his efforts to pass a “bad” carry bill.

How bad?

  • Register your guns.
  • Report lost or stolen guns within 72 hours.
  • Lock up your safety if you live in household with prohibited person.

A ban on all magazines over ten-rounds was narrowly defeated and quite possibly would have passed if the sponsor offered language to allow grandfathering of existing mags.

Here’s the story as reported by the State Journal-Register…

Lawmakers add strings to proposed concealed-carry law

Springfield, IL (State Journal-Register) – Under a string of proposals narrowly approved in the Illinois House Wednesday, firearms owners would be subject to additional hurdles once the state’s first-ever concealed-carry legislation is enacted.

Though all votes are preliminary, the proposals would require owners to register their guns, report lost or stolen firearms to state police within 72 hours and lock up their guns if they live with someone who is mentally ill.

Wednesday’s debate was the third installment in House Speaker Michael Madigan’s unusual process of taking preliminary roll call votes on separate gun issues. Lawmakers are under orders from a federal appellate court to craft legislation by June that allows Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons.

Many pro-gun lawmakers, including Rep. Dennis Reboletti, R-Elmhurst, criticized the process, saying legislators should work on a single comprehensive bill, rather than voting separately on disjointed amendments, as they have over the past four weeks.


As the story says, all votes were preliminary.

A final bill would have to face the entire House for an up or down vote and then pass the Illinois Senate where it would have to pass where gun owners have a soft super-majority and could likely stop any bad bills.

Discussions were often less than orderly yesterday as tempers were frayed.

“I just watched a debate last two hours where members on our side of the aisle have pleaded with you and said, in a legitimate way, ‘I will support your bill if you make a change,’” said Minority Leader Tom Cross, R-Oswego. “So what are you really after? Are you after solving problems?”



4 thoughts on “ILLINOIS: Illinois leftists try to tie strings to right-to-carry”
  1. Let’s wait til recess then we’ll “pants” Mikey and shove him out in the hallway.

  2. There is no willingness on the part of the Chicago machine to pass concealed carry so why try to pretend otherwise. It is against their mantra and they will never pass a must issue ever

  3. Progun legislators ought to just say were not going to pass any bill and let it go to constitutional carry

    1. I agree. This child like play in Springfield is out of line and now us voters need to vote the children out of office!

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