Feinstein:  All vets *might* have PTSD and thus all vets should be ineligible to own guns

Her words last Thursday at a Senate hearing:

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN:  …with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transferrer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this.

In other words, Feinstein is proposing to bar *all* retired servicemembers from gun ownership until and unless they’ve been proven not to have PTSD.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


Scoundrels get personal

When some folks can’t win an argument on facts and logic, they sometimes turn to personal or ad hominem attacks.

Such is the case with Colion Noir:

There are web sites posting my personal information, my moms address, my dads address, and other family members. Other than to be malicious and put people close to me in danger why would someone do this? These are supposed to be the peaceful people. I crack jokes but never attack people on a personal level. Ironically, now I really feel the need to arm my family and friends. #IsItBecauseImBlack?

How sad is that?

Reminds us of Ladd Everitt.  Days of our Trailers covers Ladd and his Laddites over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Formerly known as National Coalition to Ban Handguns Claims to be an umbrella group of 48 organizations but is really just another group of 4 or 5 people in a DC office. Receives a large portion of their money from the Joyce’s. Current activity is primarily attempting to smear firearm advocates through the use of loaded terms like ‘Traitor‘, ‘Racist‘ and ‘Insurrectionist‘.  Also have started a website to attempt to smear NRA board members called ‘MeettheNRA‘.This site was originally run by employee/intern Tim Johnson who has since moved on to Media Matters, another Joyce grantee (see below).

Besides money problems, they’ve also recently had their Twitter account suspended for a week for posting work/personal information of pro-gun advocates and were caught using a sock puppet by the name of GritsJr to support their articles. 


Dems feeling the heat on gun control stances…

We, as freedom-loving gun owners, are going to have to make sure those politicians from both parties who oppose our Constitutionally-protected freedoms suffer the consequences come 2014.

Pro-gun voters put heat on Democratic senators

HELENA, Mont. (AP) –– U.S. Sen. Max Baucus has been here before.

Back during the Clinton era, the Democrat faced a choice: support an assault weapons ban urged by a president from his own party and risk angering constituents who cherish their gun rights, or buck his party. He chose the ban, and nearly lost his Senate seat.

Now, as he begins his campaign for a seventh term, Baucus faces the question again. For weeks, gun foes have sought assurances he would oppose the assault weapons ban. But it was only this past week he said he would oppose it.

That decision alone doesn’t settle the issue for his re-election campaign. His opponents are watching closely, eager to pounce as he navigates a series of other gun control proposals, including an expected call for universal background checks.

Baucus’ predicament is one that a group of Democrats like him in the West and South are facing. They hail from predominantly rural regions of the country where the Second Amendment is cherished and where Republicans routinely win in presidential elections.

From Montana to Louisiana, these anxious voters have made at least six Democratic senators a little uneasy heading into next year’s election season. Both sides are aware that gun-owners’ rights are taking shape as a campaign issue that could shift the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

8 thoughts on “Roundup: Feinstein seeks to strip soldiers of guns, Dems feeling heat on guns, left’s personal attacks”
  1. PTSD is a manageable condition and has nothing to do with FEINSTEIN and her assinine gun agenda. All they want is gun control and damn all else and I personally am tired of this discussion

  2. I wonder how much of Ding Dong Diane’s crap isn’t just meant to cover up the UN small arms treaty that’s coming up. Maybe they think that every one will be focused on Ding Dong’s stuff and forget about the UN erasing our 2nd Amendment

  3. She cant get nothing else passed, thought she would give this a try.
    Just shows she dont care about our second amendment rights are who it might affect.

  4. I really think being a US senator is really a stressful job probably much to stressful for a active or retired senator to owe a firearm. PSSS
    “Permanent Senator Stress Syndrome”, way to dangerous.

  5. This senile old dried up hag needs to have her meds tuned up, and then retire. Or be involuntarily committed to a “rest” home, for the good of the country.

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