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Good news in Colorado!

The ban on campus carry in Colorado is effectively dead, meaning coeds in Colorado can still carry the means with which to defend themselves from rape and other violent attack should they be properly licensed.

Legislators recognized that the last few years of campus carry has lowered violent crime on campuses in Colorado where it’s been implemented fully.  It’s also recognition that so-called “safe zones”, call boxes and rape whistles are a poor substitute for a .38 Special in repelling rapis repugnus subspecies of homo sapiens.

It also gives women the dignity not to try urinating or defecating on themselves as an anti-rape technique, but instead to make the rapist piss themselves at the sight of a would-be victim displaying a handgun.

The gun ban bill, known to some as the A. Weapon Ban, is also dead.

The magazine capacity rationing bill is on life support and there’s still time to contact Colorado State Senators to urge them to defeat this onerous proposal which would also ban nearly all pump and semi-automatic shotguns.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Barack Obama and their leftist ilk of would-be tyrants have sustained a massive defeat despite pouring a lot of money and political favors expended into this effort to ban modern self-defense guns in Colorado.

Let’s make the defeat total and complete.  The momentum is in our favor.  If you live in or near Colorado, let’s help clinch the victory for the good guys there!

For more information, visit the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners website or

Pike’s Peak Firearms Coalition:
Colorado State Shooters Association
Colorado Gun Market:
Pro Second Amendment Committee:


4 thoughts on “COLORADO: Gun ban dead; mag ban near death.”
  1. Licensing of rights is anything but proper.
    There is no difference between being commanded to piss yourself and being commanded to beg for permission slips. Both are infringements from government upon the right to bear arms. Both are dictates of control over exercise of what is clearly recognized as a individual right not a permission to be allowed by government but indeed protected and defended by it because of a mandate upon it to do so.

    If government permission was the matter if fact then these archaic bans in Colorado would not be dying on the vine. They are not dying because of phone calls or emails. I submit without reservation that they are dying because lawmakers are being shown how their language would be plainly defeated in court.

    Cautioned by loses already sustained, they are starting to tread more carefully. Time to show them that they must stop treading altogether! It’s time to reject FULLY the path of pushing a thousand miles left so the right comes 500 miles to the supposed middle. It’s time to stand at the line called the second amendment and refuse to budge even one inch more.

  2. Not sure when this article was written. The Magazine Ban has advanced. If the Senate does not kill this on Monday 3/11 then it will go to the governor who says he will support this bill. I hope everybody who is against this in Colorado tells their senators to kill this bill and says the same to the governor.

    1. Written this morning.

      Mag ban passed a prelim vote by one single vote (18-17). Final vote Monday.

      It’s close. Compared to say, two weeks ago.


  3. The Campus carry ban was withdrawn by its idiot sponsor, and the liability law that would have amounted to an assault weapons ban has been killed by the person who introduced it, the Senate president…presumably to increase the chances of passing the rest of the slate…in any case, it’s a little good news, but still a lot of our rights are circling the drain…

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