3 thoughts on “NEVER AGAIN: Gun control is unacceptable in America.”
  1. Illinois will never allow concealed carry in this state. The CHICAGO machine will prevent this and if some shell bill is passed it will be so restrictive you as a citizen will NOT be able to leave home with a loaded weapon. A may issue permit restriction will gut anytype of carry law so it has got to be a MUST ISSUE bill ant that is not going to happen. All Americans irregardless of color,,nationality (as long as they are now citizens of our great land) or all the other titles assigned them shall have the right to self protection and this clip is highly powerful to show that

  2. I am afraid that Harold is right. I sincerely HOPE that he is wrong, but I know in my heart that he is not. If the legislation that is passed has even the slightest tinge of “may issue” flavor, we can kiss all of the effort and money goodbye. The only ones that “may” get a permit under that type of scheme are the political cronies of the socialist collective that currently gleefully tramples on every Illinois citizen’s rights. In order for this actually work and be of any benefit to this state’s citizens is for it to be a strict “will issue” law that has all of the ridiculous restrictions, insurance policies, widespread “gun free” zones, semi-auto bans, etc stripped completely out of it. I just don’t know how that is going to happen. The scumbags in office have made it very plain that they have no interest in obeying the will of the people that elected them and will continue to do everything possible to subvert the process. It is very disheartening to see just how far this country has fallen, how disgusting its culture has become, how corrupt and vile its politicians are, etc.

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