GunNews is UP!


Mar 2, 2013

March 2013 GunNews is now available for download.


3 thoughts on “GunNews is UP!”
  1. Unfortunately the right to carry in our state will NEVER pass. Madigan has proven this with his shell bill that will be so restrictive it is not funny. Phelleps bill would allow our state the rght approach but there is no way that will ever happen. CHICAGO may as well be the state capital as all policy comes from there and its eliteist and damn the rest of us

    1. Betcha a box of 9mm hollow points you’re wrong sir. That bill last week was just a “merry-go-round” political exercise.

      A political circus.

      We’ll get a vote soon on a clean bill. A good bill.

      And it will pass.

  2. You are forgetting the Federal Court order. Either the State comes up with a good clean bill to sign into law or at the end of the 180 days we have federal court ordered constitutional carry.

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