Dan Hull sent us a raving bit of hate mail earlier in the week.

We posted it here, along with some commentary.  The comments have been priceless.

Here’s Dan’s missive:

In your newsletter it states the American Revolution started because guns were taken away. Absolutely made up like all your supposed facts. You must be a big fan of fox news as they are famous at making facts up to fit their needs. The revolution was about taxation and no representation for the colonists. In looking at the picture of your meeting all that was missing was the little SS badges on your collar points. Newtown was not just a madman who went nuts those were LEGAL guns that were used to kill kids. But you would kill many kids for your right to own machine guns, cop killer bullets and large capacity magazines so you can feel like men. Nothing can get done when reasonable people are attacked when their opinion differs from yours. The nra Gestapo makes sure you all stay in line and say Sieg Heil at the correct times.


Well, today he emailed yours truly again, raising a white flag of sorts.

My reply in bold.

On Thu Feb 28 10:38:43 CST 2013, Dan Hull <de*@comcast.net> wrote:

Mr. Boch, I proved my point about name calling, Nobody likes it do they? So why do the people on your site take such joy in it? I did say some really outrageous things to get a rise and here your membership took the bait like a hungry bass.  If we dropped all the flaming rhetoric and distilled down the issues I believe reasonable people could come to a concensus on the right path for the country to take. Mr. Guy Gibb impressed me as a very interesting person and also JoshM. I even offered to buy him a beer.

How kind.  They will be at IGOLD next week for you to buy said beers.

Yes, mental health issues are also a part of this discussion and should be. So ask your legislators why funding for mental health is being cut drastically?

Not my problemo, sir.

We’re not discussing banning your right to own and drive a car because Bob the alcoholic drives his drunk.

You have to agree there some people who should not possess weapons.


Just as I believe some people should not vote.  Or have children. Or live, for that matter.

But my beliefs don’t impinge upon their rights.

Would not thorough background checks weed some of these people out?

For the same reason we don’t have a poll test or literacy test before people cast a ballot or determine which church they can attend.

Also the gun show loophole you have the cash you get the guns. Should there not be a way to recognize straw men who are buying guns and selling them to the bad guys?

There’s already laws on the books that prohibit gun sales to “prohibited” persons.  They work about as well as laws against homicide.

You’re still with us, are you not?  See, they work.

Profits over morals. Okay, it’s been fun playing but your site would not let me answer any more questions. Please take my name and e-mail address off

Dan, dear, I haven’t put up your email address but I reserve the right to do so at any time.

And no, I won’t take the content down.  You submitted it; you live with the consequences of your choices.

as It’s obvious we will never agree on anything. You sir could come back in my e-mail only. And just maybe I would show up at the IGOLD meeting Josh invited me to. I will have to think about that as I do not believe all would be as welcoming to say the least. Thank you, Dan Hull

I think you would be quite surprised by our civility.

It is you, I suspect, who would have issues with courtesy and decency.





Someone sent this to me today. 


10 thoughts on “HATE MAIL: Dan Hull waves the white flag”
  1. Wow John is this the same civility that I would be welcomed with.So mental health issues are not in your realm? So all the people who answered that Newtown and Colorado and Tuscon were the work of crazies you would not have disarmed them? Even David Keene said that people with mental health issues should not have guns and he should know from first hand experience. I have asked nicely that you take my e-mail down. If for some reason you publish it and I am attacked or my e-mail account is crashed you are breaking the law that you so stridently say you would defend to the death.

  2. Don’t tempt me too hard, Dan, or I will publish your email addy. It’s not exactly a state secret.

  3. So I’m curious Dan, did you send this email because you thought it would be fun to get “rise” out of our members? Or because you thought that they would not respond with well thought out logical reasoning? These members of GSL and some of the finest people I have EVER met in my life. The fact that you think any of them would you do you harm is offending. You send an inflammatory email to get a “rise” but then want to “hide” when someone points out the flaws in your reasoning with historical facts. Would you be welcome at IGOLD? Yes. The 10,000 or so participants would love to you give you their opinion in a respectful manner. You should be thanking the members of GSL and other similar organizations for fighting for your rights. Your BILL OF RIGHTS! The fact that some may have called you names is unfortunate but I’m pretty sure it started in your email. Most often, I go with the Momma’s golden rule of “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” However when you attack the members of this organization and the work that we are trying to I can’t help but speak out. Will I call you a name? NO. Do you deserve to be called one? Probably. The leadership and members of GSL are ALL VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do this because they want to and believe in it, give them the respect due to them.

    You started this with your email. Be classy, concede and just go away.

    1. First Lady, I became incensed when I read a story about people invading a meeting and being rude so I decided to be rude back. I did not run and hide until I read a missive from Frank Sharp about how he teaches people how to kill people. Then Mr. Boch threatened to publish my E-mail what choice did I have but to opt out? I posted responses and there was give and take on both sides. I stated why I called names but that did not stop the name calling. I talked to a couple of trusted law enforcement friends and they told me what to say to opt out. That is all.

    2. Dear Dan,

      I teach people how to shoot people. Get it right.

      And my last name has a “e” on the end. Your omission of it would seem to be a second indicator of how well you do your research.

      -Frank Sharp(e)

  4. Dan,

    Why is it so difficult to understand that another law, regulation, or mandate, or ten, or a hundred, won’t do a damned thing? Do you realize there are literally hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations (which carry the same weight as the law) on the books right now? Do you realize that each day everyone one of us (yourself included) is breaking at least one (but probably a lot more) of these laws and/or regulations? The politicians in this country over the last 100+ years have gotten so out of control that there isn’t a single person in the entire world (let alone the country) that knows every law and regulation. And this is a reflection of our society as a whole because these politicians are a product of our society, they didn’t just metastasize out of nothingness.

    Yet you want more laws, regulations, and mandates that will supposedly prevent criminals or the mentally defective from getting their hands on a gun. I don’t know if this is a shock to you or not, but there are already laws that do that! And adding more of them isn’t going to do a damned thing except infringe on the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

    Criminals, by definition of the activities they engage in, aren’t going to follow the law. You simply cannot argue that point. There is no criminal in all of history that stopped to think, “oh wait, that’s breaking the law, I better not do it.” And the mentally defective aren’t going to follow the law simply because they don’t care or understand – hence their designation as mentally defective (or deficient, or retarded, or whatever else you want to call them).

    Unless you want a tyrannical government whereby the movements of every single person are recorded at every moment of the day, a society in which no individual freedom or privacy exists, then guess what? No law in the world is going to stop people from killing each other, whether it be with a gun, bomb, knife, hammer, fist, or any other object.

    This logic is not difficult to understand. In fact, it is so simple that a child can understand it. However, it’s not about understanding, it’s about the politicians and the media getting you hook, line, and sinker, arguing their proposed legislation for them. The fact of the matter is that the politicians, unelected bureaucrats, crony capitalists, etc… don’t give a crap about you. You’re disposable. For them, they’re pursuing their agenda of obtaining more and more control and power over the citizenry. As George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

    You’re free to believe the politicians and the media when they tell you gun control works – and I won’t stop you from believing in it. But if you don’t understand the true motives behind this gun control debate in D.C., then you never will and I honestly couldn’t care less if you never change your mind and see this debate for what it really is, the elite stripping away yet another individual freedom and the ability for us to fight back.

    1. Ray, I saw your answer to me in the hate mail section. Your right I just assumed your political affiliation because I see so many who are republicans backing this cause. I agree with you all politicians are only out for one thing themselves. Running for office was meant to be a short term idea. Go do the work the people needed done then go home and let someone else do the job.It evolved into enriching lifetime jobs doing the highest bidders work.Okay if there are so many laws that don’t work to curb the violence get rid of them and come to a meeting of the minds that will work. In the state of Indiana a bag of pot gets you a 20 year sentence. A murderer gets out in 5 to 7 years on average. The police stats on murder state overwhelmingly that most people are killed by people they know. I just believe there are areas that could be cleaned up to make it safer for all of us. Nothing we do is perfect! They nailed the only perfect guy to a cross!

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