While nearly 100 companies have pledged to hold all purchasers of firearms and accessories to the standard of what’s available to everyday civilians, in what’s commonly known as the New York boycott, Armalite and now Magpul have taken an opposing stand.  (See also The Police Loophole.)

The good folks at Magpul have instead sided with Armalite against freedom and law-abiding American firearm owners – and what’s more, they’ve one-upped Armalite in their sales practices!

According to their sales manager Justin Beard in a post at AR15.com, Justin Beard wrote:

The answer is yes, our Distributors are allowed to sell to LEOs in ban states. Our founder has also said regarding LEO restrictions, “We have not considered such a move as we are not convinced that this tactic will have any effect on those in power (they will just buy Israeli or some other generic parts). It also adversely punishes street cops, local sheriffs and individual military members for the actions of those in power. The last thing we want to do is hurt those who support our cause.”

So, we see that we can support Law Enforcement and Military members while standing up for our convictions and will continue to do everything in our power to protect our inherent rights.


[Emphasis added.]

Yes, indeed.  The last thing they want to do is hurt those who support “our” cause.

Apparently to Magpul, that means supporting those who will enforce unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.


Magpul’s Law Enforcement fast track order page. Click for full size.

As we said, Magpul has one-upped Armalite and to add insult to injury, not only are they selling their products that are banned to civilian ownership to law-enforcement in those restrictive locales, they have established an express lane for law enforcement “professionals” to get their standard-capacity PMAGs right away…  even law enforcement officers in restrictive locations such as New York which now ban sales of standard capacity magazines to civilians.

These law enforcement “professionals” will use these PMAGs in the course of the job-related activities to arrest and prosecute gun owners who were law-abiding at the end of 2012 but no longer.

Military and law-enforcement can order up to ten PMAGs in this “express lane”.

From the Magpul website as reported by FN Forums.

Thank you for contacting us. During this period of high demand, we at Magpul are taking steps to ensure that Military and Law Enforcement professionals that use our products in their job-related activities can still obtain the magazines they need for on-duty use. To meet this need, we have set up a process for Mil/LE purchase of up to ten PMAGs per account from our website.

In order to participate in this program, go to: Magpul Industries Ecommerce.

– Create your login account and click the “Register” button to submit.

– Once you receive a Membership Confirmation e-mail from orders@magpul.com reply directly back to it (RE: ) along with your name and unit or agency affiliation. Please respond using an official .mil or agency e-mail address, or provide other official identification to verify Military or LE status.

– If you already have a login account at Magpul.com, please just send an e-mail to orders@magpul.com with your name, unit or agency affiliation as outlined above, and the e-mail address you used to sign up for the account.

It’s clear that Magpul believes in two classes of purchasers for their products.

We sincerely wish them the best in selling to police and government agencies.





We got their attention.

From AR15.c0m *early* this morning:

This is a more complete statement..

With our distribution model, it would be difficult to enforce such a blanket policy, and would be a symbolic gesture. Just as it is difficult to stop $50 and $100 PMAGs at the retail level from resellers that buy through multiple levels of distribution, stopping sales to specific end-users would be almost impossible for the same reasons.

On the other side of this, we have seen the efforts of the Larimer County Sheriff and others in the CO Sheriffs’ Association, who have been incredible advocates for the Second Amendment here in the fight we are currently in. If a ban passes, these guys would be the ones hurt, and the politicians wouldn’t care. They would also be on our side. On the same front, about 600 of the NYSP have come out in protest of the NY SAFE act and in support of responsible Citizens and the 2A, at the risk of losing their jobs, their retirement, and the safety of their families. Are these the guys that we want to punish? Lumping all individual officers together and wanting to punish them all is no different than politicians who want to punish responsible Citizens for the behavior of criminals. Would a check box on the LE/MIL order form affirming 2A support for all Citizens make a difference? How many out there click on “I Accept” for terms and agreements before an iOS update without reading or caring what they are? Would anyone NOT click such a box? Chuck Schumer would even click that box if he was trying to order PMAGs. (We wouldn’t ship that one.)

If these LEOs who support our cause, and are “gun guys” find employment elsewhere because they can’t get the right gear to perform their jobs safely, or if politicians fire them for voicing their objections, they will simply be replaced with new faces that aren’t gun guys, don’t know any better, and may gladly stomp on your rights without a second thought if given the order. As it stands now, these pro-gun LEOs in occupied or potentially occupied territory are the only voices of reason among the LEO ranks there. Do we really want to purge them out and replace them with guys that wouldn’t know the difference between an AR and a Hi-point, and so couldn’t care less which one they are armed with, and that will also blindly follow anti-2A directives without objection? If you think that politicians will be affected by LE or MIL having less effective tools to do their jobs, you would be mistaken. I enlisted in the USMC during the Clinton years. I know better. If something did get ugly, I’m pretty sure I know who’s side CO Sheriffs will be on. Some folks take their oaths seriously.

Regardless of political views, these guys face violent criminals, make 2 am traffic stops, serve felony warrants, raid meth labs, etc. We refuse to punish LE collectively for the anti-2A beliefs of some, or even of their politically appointed chiefs, who could care less about properly equipped officers in many cases. We see this as no different than demanding that legislators do not punish all of society for the actions of criminals by taking away rights from the law abiding.

Because of this, we won’t bend from our principles, and if anyone decides they need to not buy our products based on this stance, then we are fine with you not bending on yours. If you’re selling any of your Colts over this, I might be interested.

Although we absolutely support the goals of the companies willing to stand up in this effort, we don’t believe a policy like this is the best way to achieve those goals for us. Right now, we are engaged in the fight of our lives for 2A rights here in CO. Despite the high costs that moving would entail, we would actually be better off financially if we had just moved, rather than staying in the fight, based on the time, effort, and resources that we have poured into this battle, and are still pouring in. Simply running away wouldn’t be our style, though, and would be a betrayal of our friends, neighbors, the free Citizens of CO, and would concede a defeat for gun rights across the country. So, we are fighting. We are in this fight on both the state and national levels. Do any of us really want to uproot our families, leave our homes, and head out of the state? Hell no. But we will.

For those of you who want to call it a corporate greed business decision, or that we are following a monetary necessity, we had every opportunity to cave and probably could have written whatever exemption language we wanted if we would have backed off and sold out CO Citizens to completely protect our ability to manufacture. They probably would have cut all kinds of deals to get us to back out and not make the jobs and economy part of the issue, and we didn’t. They came to us prior to the vote on the day the exemption was presented on the floor and asked, basically, “Are we cool now?” To which, we responded NO, and that NO exemption or condition would keep us here, and that we didn’t support that amendment, let alone the bill. We are standing by our principles, and if yours differ, that’s fine, and we encourage you to stand by them, whatever they are.

For right now, we feel that efforts towards this end on our part would be more effective by looking at agency sales on a case-by-case basis behind the scenes rather than with a blanket policy shouted from the rooftops that punishes individual officers, and that our efforts are best directed where we are using them currently. We encourage others, whether friends or competitors, to do what they think is best, also, even if it differs from our position. This may evolve, but for right now, that is where we are at, and while we are always open to listening to reason, no boycotts or flaming will change our minds from doing what we feel is the right thing to do


Our reply to select points:

If a ban passes, these guys would be the ones hurt, and the politicians wouldn’t care.

Well, it’s Magpul’s job to work alongside 100+ other companies to give them motivation to MAKE the politicians care.  If the cops have no skin in the game, they are much less motivated to make their elected officials care.  You can bet that if the cops were facing impending layoffs, they would make their elected political representatives feel the heat.


Are these the guys that we want to punish?

Again, we’re not punishing them.  We’re motivating them.


they will simply be replaced with new faces that aren’t gun guys, don’t know any better, and may gladly stomp on your rights without a second thought if given the order.

That’s a stretch.  America has a long history of dealing with those who stomp on rights.  There’s the soap box, letter box, ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box for dealing with these sorts.


these guys face violent criminals, make 2 am traffic stops, serve felony warrants, raid meth labs, etc.

And we don’t face home invaders, sexual predators, robbers, looters, car jackers, and miscellaneous other thugs?  Thanks, Magpul, for your classist logic that our lives are worth less than Bob the police officer’s.

Gun control is classist.  And it sounds like you’re supporting it.

Here in America, we’ve fought lots of battles over the years for everyone to enjoy equal rights. Women, blacks, so on and so forth.

Now we’re fighting a battle so all Americans will be treated equally in their gun rights.


we won’t bend from our principles

And we won’t bend from ours. Civil rights aren’t negotiable.


Right now, we are engaged in the fight of our lives for 2A rights here in CO.

And we’re fighting alongside of you, not because of your company’s headquarters being located there, but because it’s the moral and ethical thing to do — supporting the fight for our civil rights, not for the rights of the cops to have a police state as you seem to be supporting.

And while we’re right there fighting in Colorado for you and Colorado residents, I haven’t seen one whit about Magpul helping us in Illinois.  Instead, you people are putting in a fast lane for Chicago Police officers to get their PMAGs when the law-abiding good guys in Cook County are banned from owning such devices even though they face violent crime rates many times the rest of Illinois.

I haven’t seen any news of Magpul helping in New York State, or New Jersey, or Delaware, or Rhode Island, or California.

But we are right there in Colorado.

Alongside you.


This may evolve, but for right now, that is where we are at, and while we are always open to listening to reason, no boycotts or flaming will change our minds from doing what we feel is the right thing to do

That’s fine.  We’ve tried reason and logic.  You folks at Magpul have stuck with classist arguments, citing police officers lives are more valuable than Suzy Civilian and her little girls.

For that, you’re no good to us anymore.

Shame on you, Magpul.  Shame on you.






48 thoughts on “Magpul goes bad. Update: Magpul responds and our reply.”
  1. I am at the front lines on fighting for the 2nd amendment. I am also retired LEO with many brothers and sisters still actively serving who also strongly support the full meaning of the 2nd amendment, many who have publicly stated that they will refuse to enforce infringements that are being proposed. Do their voices not count in this battle? Many of these patriots have risked their careers and family wellbeing in standing with “We the People”. Yes, there will be some officers served by Magpul and Armalite that do not uphold their oath, but it will be those officers that stand up for their oaths to really make a difference when it counts. It seems to me that the focus should be on supporting and encouraging those officers, rather than trying to “get back” at oathbreakers. In the end, it is the anti gun and quisling law makers that are at the heart of the issue, along with clueless and apathetic citizens. That should be the focus, along with encouraging and supporting those officers who have stood tall in this mess.

    1. >>>>>>Apparently to Magpul, that means supporting those who will enforce unconstitutional restrictions on our Second Amendment rights.>>>>>>

      I’m getting tired of this whining. I’ve done more in my thirty years on the street to support firearms and their responsible and safe use. You want to bitch do it to those that keep passing this legislation. This restrictions will simply create buying programs they move from US products to those made overseas.Then the local guy’s can watch their sales shrink to nothing.

    2. Here’s the problem. Any time any big city politician is on TV screaming about gun control he is flanked by plenty of blue uniforms. The rallying cry is “They’re outgunned!” etc….I understand that a uniformed officer can’t take a political stance directly against his supervisors etc….BUT, we hear how many LEO’s are against the bans, but only see at best a few individuals speak out…

      Here’s an idea- Don’t you guys have union reps? I see Union Reps of all kinds on TV doing what Union Reps do- running their mouths about what their membership wants. I have never seen a police union rep get up right after the politician and say ” I represent 2,800 Law Enforcement officers and we absolutely do not agree with further restrictions on the 2A.”

      THAT is what this is about. I have a bunch of mags that still say “Law Enforcement Only” from the last ban. With “skin in the game” maybe we’ll see those LEO union reps earn their money????

    3. No, most states have laws against police being unionized. Those who do have organizations (and not that USELESS chiefs’ organization) have uniformly come out on the side of the 2nd.

      Remember, last ban, individual officers had to have CLEO signature on letterhead to purchase a rifle or magazines. They were NOT allowed to just waltz in and buy them. I still remember having to turn in my LE only mags THAT I PAID FOR when I quit my old agency. Cops have plenty of “skin in the game”.

  2. Could someone tell us who owns Magpul? Is it a privately held company or public? I was unable to readily find anything about their ownership.

    One more once-respected brand I’ll never purchase again.

    Guess that like Armalite, they expect to have enough government sales to stay afloat. I hope they enjoy selling to their new smaller customer base when the current over-sold environment ends.

    1. It’s privately founded, owned, and operated. Founded in the late 1990s (guestimating, don’t quote me) by former Marine Robert Fitzpatrick. It remains that way to this day.

      That said, I hate to be the voice of opposition here, but considering this comes on top of their announcement of fast-tracking PMag shipments to soon-to-be ban-states with a flat rate of $5 for up to ten mags, I’ll cut them some slack for their softness on otherwise boycotting ban states and their respective government & law enforcement forces.

      Again, I can’t say I’m thrilled with this, but given their efforts at actively trying to flood soon-to-be ban states with standard-cap mags, that gives them a fair amount of leeway in my book. That, and their refusal to stay in Colorado if HB 1224 passes, regardless of exemptions.

      On top of that, yeah, what people forget is the politicians put rows of beat cops behind them for the cameras when they want to brag about police jobs “saved or created,” but when it comes to gun control, you only hear from police chiefs or supernintendos (Simpsons humor). Usually, people who got their jobs by means of elections or political appointments. And gun control enjoys a majority support from those offices across the country.

      Last I checked, around 2-3 years ago, your friendly neighborhood patrol officers have a different opinion. Basically, a similar margin of differing opinions on gun control, only inverted.

      They guys who actually carry, train with, and (God forbid) USE on a day-to-day basis the life-saving tools of their profession know the reality. Frankly, I’ll let individual officer purchases slide in that case.

      Department sales, though? To be blunt, “biologically-reproduce-in-a crass-and-vulgar-manner” them.

    2. The issue I have is that the national representatives of the Fraternal Order of Police representing 325,000 officers stood with Biden and consistently stand with other politicians at political events in support of anti-gun laws. If the vast majority of officers don’t support these laws and won’t support them than how is it that these labor union reps are keeping their positions? I would like to see Magpul acknowledge this by at least asking officers buying their mags to 1) pledge to vote their FOP reps out that support anti-gun laws and 2) pledge not to enforce laws that infringe on the 2nd amendment. I know it’s not binding but we need to reinforce the issues we have with their leadership.

  3. John,

    Are we sure about that express lane thing? I heard today that it was specifically for Colorado residents in response to the BS Colorado legislation.

  4. No, this is for LEOs only. See the links.

    The fast track for civies is a new thing to beat looming bans. Smacks of having it both ways while they can for Magpul.

    After these bans kick in though, it’ll only be cops in the fast lane.


  5. Magpul is waffling.
    No doubt about it, IMHO.

    Kinda like supporting the “foisting” of the ” most restrictive shall issue bill in the country”
    Instead if standing tall for constitutional carry……..
    Pot kettle stones and glass houses come to mind.
    Folks really need to think about their positions and statements to make sure they don’t come back to haunt them.
    Just sayin’.

    Folks can get as salty at me as they want to. I know that my positions and statements remain square and consistent. I ain’t beggin for permission slips,period.

  6. I will no longer be making purchases with RainierArms, Midway, Brownells, or any other entity that sells products from either Magpul or Armalite. I will be sure to let all my friends know, I will repost this, and I’ll be contacting those who now have lost my business.

  7. I am the founder and president of Magpul Industries. Since forming the company in 1999 we have always had the same policy supporting uniformed military and law enforcement.

    It is impractical with our distribution network to impose any type of requirements for LEOs. For example we cannot even stop resellers like Cheaper than Dirt selling PMags for over 8x retail because they purchase through our distributors.

    Even then imposing a blanket set of rules on individual officers based upon what the elected officials say and do is counter to our philosophy of individual responsibility not collectivism.

    1. You are so full of it. Why don’t you take some individual responsibility and stand up for what is right. You’re not standing up of individual rights unless you stand for everyone’s rights, not just police officers. Good luck. I won’t be buying anymore of your products.

    2. FYI, it is my understanding that CheaperThanDirt has already come out saying they will not ship to anyone in ban states, including law enforcement groups.

      I love that my .223 is decked out with Magpul accessories. And I support your/their right to sell to whomever you choose. But for now, until you stop selling to government agencies, I will not add anything else. I support police and military, but either it is, or it isn’t constitutional for the government to limit weapons the public can own. Either you support the people, or you support the government. There’s no exceptions for injustice. One can’t support those who participate on the side of injustice. THEY need to get righteous, not require the righteous support their participation in injustice. Of such behavior Third Reichs are made . . .

    3. Thank you, Mr. Fitzpatrick, for your comments.

      While you can’t control what your distributors do, you can let it be known what you expect of them. Sort of like MAP pricing policies, for instance.

      While I don’t like your position, I can respect you for taking it. I hope you’ll reconsider as I view it as classist to say that a police officer’s life is worth more than a housewife and her little girls’ lives.

    4. Richard.
      I thank you for the efforts you have made in the fight for the 2A. Your position has it’s merits, and as a former LE I thank yo fo being concerned for the lives and safety of my brothers and sisters in blue. Most ARE pro 2A. I also understand the point of those that have decided that nothing goes to anti 2A states, and I can what they are trying to do. I do want to say this, nowhere has anybody said that an LE life is more important or valuable. It is the fact that our lives are in danger much more often, I repeat MUCH MORE OFTEN than the general public. So I thank you for helping us prepare for the worst case scenario. I also like that you are fast tracking mags to states that are about to ban the mags. Get those states flooded. Before everybody starts screaming at me, I am very much against these bans and I believe that the average person’s rights are about to be infringed and I have been fighting hard against it. And as I prepare to return to LE, let me say that I won’t be violating anyones rights. That is in opposition to the oath I took and will take again. So everybody stop turning on a man and company that is helping just because it isn’t exactly the way you think it should be. And Richard, please please come to Utah. I think most of us here would love to have you and your company.

    5. Mr. Fitzpatrick:
      I would have preferred a hard-line stance like LaRue and the other smaller businesses are taking – but I do applaud your game plan to FLOOD the civilian market in CO with mags. I’m still a customer of yours, just not as happy as I could be. Thanks for taking time to respond to this flame-board.

      To everyone else:
      Let’s stop this circular firing squad. It’s worse than the Republican primary. I’m all for holding people’s feet to the fire, but for goodness sake – are we going to keep pushing until we bring down Glock, S&W, Colt, Sig, et al? There comes a point where you have to be practical and not 100% idealistic (or else you might as well throw your vote away for the Libertarian candidate, or just skip the CCW permit and carry illegally while quoting the constitution … as you’re hauled off to jail.)

      I commend and applaud the manufacturers that are taking a hard stance against this crap. But to aim to destroy those that aren’t 100% in line w/ the gov’t boycott is doing the work of the enemy here.

      I’m an NRA instructor and Endowment member, father of 3 Life Members, gun rights fanatic, and an active fighter in the cause. Does showing ‘mercy’ for Magpul cast me out too? If we keep this up, maybe I’ll see y’all on the train to “camp” …

    6. Actually,if everybody had the balls to “throw their vote away”on the Libertarian candidate we might just get somewhere in our quest for un-infringed personal liberty. It is people like you that maintain the status-quo that continually tramples on our rights. Coke or Pepsi? To hell with that I want a glass of icewater.

    7. Mr Fitzpatrick:

      I applaud your company for the stance it has taken against the recent onslaught of Colorado legislation. Your decision to leave Colorado if the legislation passes, at what I am sure is great expense in both time an money, is laudable.

      You are herein involved in a zero sum game. I wish your company the best and will continue to be a fan and user of your products.

  8. Magpul,

    So why move out of CO? You will still sell regular capacity mags to LEO/Gov Agencies while regular citizens get capped to 15 rounds. Your true colors is showing.

    1. Mr. Fitzpatrick’s comment is referring to independent retailers. HB 1224, the proposed CO standard-capacity magazine ban would prohibit their manufacture and sale within the state. The former, Magpul has effectively no control over; the latter, considerably moreso. They’re putting in the effort where they can make the most impact.

      Also, thanks for your patronage to our corner of the web, Mr. Fitzpatrick. The direct response is quite appreciated.

  9. Schwarmenius, Magpul was already given exception that would allow them to keep manufacturing standard-capacity mags in Colorado.

    To say that they cannot stay in the state of Colorado because they are not allowed to sell the same magazines to law enforcement and citizens while at the same time selling standard-capacity mags only LEOs in ban states does not jive. Hence the very negative response from their potential customers. I hope they make lots of money selling to law enforcement.

  10. it’s not about “punishment”, and seeing as how this keeps being repeated by those in uniform shows exactly how out of touch many of you are. simple fact is that standard capacity mags are, or will be, illegal to own and use for the regular joe because they are “too dangerous to be on the streets” or some other such nonsense. well, if they are “too dangerous to be on the streets”, then they are just that. further, allowing LE to own such devices while restricting private ownership under the justification that “first responders need this kind of equipment or they will be outgunned” is tacit admission that gun control doesn’t work.

  11. Christ on a cracker, this vindictive pissing contest is going to destroy us faster than DiFi ever could.

  12. Civil rights aren’t negotiable?

    Tell that to the NRA, which is full negotiation mode here in Illinois.
    Tell that to those supporting the negotiations of pre qualification measures that are arbitrary as they come and apply to some but not others (classist).
    Tell that to those begging for permission slips for those civil rights.
    Tell that to those supporting poll taxes.

    Dont get me wrong, I totally agree with the flogging of magpul in this piece.
    It’s on point. Alls I’m sayin is the NRA the ISRA and Illinois carry and all those supporting the “negitiations” of civil rights should be subject to the exact same flogging for the exact same reasons. Call it “incentive”.

    1. See, Dan Hull and all you ICHV folks… you can deal with us, or you can talk with guys like Ashrak.

      He says, “Screw the restrictions. I wanna carry right effin’ now, everywhere, and the 2nd Amendment is my carry ‘permit’.”

      Which would you prefer?

      ‘Cause he’s going to be calling the tune on June 9th if you ICHV boys and girls can’t pull your heads out of your posterior and get ’em screwed back on tight.


  13. Magpul put out a direct sales offer to Colorado residents who wanted their products. Co. residents could purchase direct from Magpul and not go through a retail dealer. This applied only to Colorado residents. Not just LEOs.

  14. Why move out of Colorado? Because of the added expense of engraving a serial numbers on their PMags.

  15. The whole point of not selling to LEOs in cities and states that restrict magazine capacity or semi-autos is to put pressure on the LE community to stand with the rest of us against these laws, which will in turn put pressure on the politicos. Also, our country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal. Not “there are the ruling class, the military, the police and then the citizens come last”. If Magpul wants to sell to the LEO’s in states that ban their products, it is their right. It is also our right to buy from other companies that stand with the rest of us. Too bad I didn’t come across this earlier today, now I have to return a handguard to a LGS.

  16. Suggestion for ALL firearms AND ammo manufacturers:

    Sales to state/county/municipal LE agencies according to legal statute for citizens. No restrictions of availability; but capacitites are equivalent within states for LE agencies and idividual citizens. Fast-lane availabilities for citizens of states with pending restrictive legislation. NO military or federal agency sales whatsoever. Especially NO DHS, etc. sales.

    1. I agree 100%. Same mag capacity for civilians and L/E. On the other hand the best solution is for all of us to tell state and fed lawmakers to pack sand. I’m personally not registering, turning anything in, paying fees or recognizing any more gun laws coming from these a-holes.

  17. Selling to LEOs ,is the same as selling to your future enforcers! These WILL be used by those that are orderd (because of thier availability)to enforce thier gun ban orders!! No other way around it!!!!

  18. In the end, this is all part of the false Left/Right divide-and-conquer illusion of partisanship. We’re being forced to take sides on the very real need for LE weapons/ammo for legitimate law enforcement (security) versus the fact that those very weapons/ammo are also what will ultimately be turned upon us as the gradual slavery ensues (lack of liberty).

    Brilliantly diabolical and despicable. It’s just another part of surrendering security for liberty like all the paranoia stirred up by all the False Flag events. TSA and DHS exist because of this… alleged security at the expense of liberty. The Socialist Machine is doing what it does best.

    There ARE answers if others are willing. It hasn’t gotten severe enough yet. When the Fed collapses our fiat currency and all retirement funds and investment vehicles are seized or nullified, maybe Sheeple will wake up. But it will be too late. It’s getting too late now.

  19. Maybe Magpul should sell – at least to NY folks – 7 round mags so they will
    be just like us folks. They have sales and the black shirts have the same problems as we do.

  20. >>>these guys face violent criminals, make 2 am traffic stops, serve felony warrants, raid meth labs, etc.

    >>>And we don’t face home invaders, sexual predators, robbers, looters, car jackers, and miscellaneous other thugs? Thanks, Magpul, for your classist logic that our lives are worth less than Bob the police officer’s.

    There is a serious flaw in that logic, police officers volunteer to face these things every day, the chances of you getting home invaded, raped, robbed, looted, or car jacked is significantly lower than a police officer who it is his job to deal with the people who do those things every day. They’re fighting for the same thing you want, just because they don’t do it the same way you’re going to boycot them? Gun ownership is not a political fight, it’s a fight between those who want us to have our rights and those who don’t. If there are officers who are for that, we cannot turn anyone away, we need every single voice, or we have no power at all.

    1. Taxi drivers, liquor store clerks, gas station attendants all have significantly higher chances of facing armed criminals and they don’t have unlimited armed backups on call or immunity if they make a mistake or over react. It has been decades since the majority of police have been “Peace Officers”, their departments have been perverted into revenue collectors and “Select Militias” to enforce arbitrary rules and keep the peasants from getting out of line.

  21. When the end comes, it’ll be fantasist bullshit like this that is our undoing. They plan to leave CO even with an exemption. They fast-track CO residents. And it’s not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough. And if it wasn’t this it’d be something else. Not until Magpul is bleeding dollars and on the verge of bankruptcy will anyone be satisfied.

    More and more I’m disgusted with the short-view single-mindedness of the gun community. And this from a staunch conservative gun guy with a safe full of ban-possible weapons. I can’t even imagine what you jerk-offs are doing to those on the fence about guns.

    And the antis? They’re no doubt laughing themselves to tears about this jackassery. Go ahead guys, keep on giving them what they want. (That’s division, in case you don’t know).

    Gunnies are their own #1 worse enemy. Obama or Feinstein pale in comparison. So willing to eat our own at the drop of a hat. Pathetic. And the worst part is that the vast majority of us are 1000% willfully oblivious to it. It borders on religious fundamentalism.

    1. T,
      I agree with you! We are, just as we did during the elections, ripping ourselves apart and this is being fed and enjoyed by the communist left. We need to put more pressure on the NRA to stay the line – Wayne is showing weakness and needs to stop waffling and “dealing” with politicians.
      With regard to LEO, they need our support, however, they need to make their voices heard and show their support of our rights- again pressure needs to be applied.
      It is time to unify, not divide, and put pressure on those who are trying to take our rights. Time to vote them out. This should not be a democrat/ republican issue. These are our Constitutional rights and diviceiveness is not going to work in our favor. We are allowing the Chicago crooked politicians to do what they do best- divide and concor! We stand to loose again, as a country. Folks it’s time to unify and make our voices heard against the Communist leaning government leaders that we have allowed into “ruling” positions. We have allowed them to make us believe that we work for them- this is ass-backwards! Unify and throw these bums out and the issues that we are “fighting” will go away! We need to support those who support our Constitution. Wouldn’t voting the founding principles be the right direction?!

  22. They make a good point in saying that to restrict sales to ban states, that 2A supporters in law enforcement and sheriffs offices will be hurt. I understand the logic here. However, I will not be purchasing a Magpul or Armalite product in the near future on principle, and would rather give my business to those that have put the brakes on ban state sales. Because I believe if we continue to support THOSE companies, it sends a message as well.

  23. As an old street cop….who worked for years with gun grabbing cops and administrator hacks who were politicians forgetting where they came from………Shame on you MAGPULL!! I don’t give a damned where u worked,You and what agency u worked for……if u support thisngun control and those who sell product to Federal and State agencies which are attempting to take away our Constitutional rights…… you are both wrong and a traitor to your oath of office!

  24. I won’t blanket criticize LE unless it is deserved. Hear this , all of you. Your oath is to the people not the politicians which includes chiefs. So if you stand with tyranny you go down with it. If you stand with the people , they will stand with you. This is all you need to know.

  25. Im sorry Gun saves lives But I have to completely agree with magpul on this one. The politicians DONT CARE and it will not MAKE them care…or like you call it “Motivate them.” It is punishment. It will kill cops the ones that can help protect us from the bad guys. Yes it is up to me and my trusty 1911 for the protection of me and my families well being. However, the police are the ones who do it every day. Taking weapons and mags away from them will get them killed by the criminals they are trying to stop, the same ones that will come after me and my family.

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