Yesterday, the Illinois House, under gun-hating Democrat Michael Madigan, took up deliberations on his anti-gun HB-1155.  Madigan is trying to get maximum political mileage for the 2014 and 2016 elections on a measure he doesn’t want or like, but that he knows is inevitably going to pass.

There are nearly three dozen amendments to HB-1155, most of them anti-self-defense.

We’re not even going to bother on a run-down of the Amendments and how they fared yesterday because it doesn’t matter.

Frankly, this entire exercise is a merry-go-round, to put it in family-friendly terms.  Not so friendly terms would involve a goat or three.

The State Journal-Register summed it up nicely:

The floor debates could go on for the next few days or weeks but, in the end, Redfield said, there is likely to be some agreement to hold an up-or-down vote on a final ‘clean bill’.

So, go ahead and call your Illinois House member and kindly express your desire to see the original House Bill 997, without amendments, passed so we may have safer families in Illinois.



4 thoughts on “Right-to-carry update: Wednesday”
  1. Sick of the whole Chicago machine controlling Illinois. The criminal element WILL always have guns and they act as if they are BIG BROTHER. Allow us to protect ourselves and our family as I can not afford a bodyguard, oh wait a minute, the state pays them so I am sorry

  2. What they’re really afraid of is passing ccw will work and the subsequent plummeting crime
    Will destroy the only argument they have for disarming America to further their socialistic

  3. Paid for permission to carry…

    Lets keep it honest eh?

    It ain’t a right when when you have to pay to try to qualify for permission slips.
    Madigan and his crew may well fear right to carry but so too do those who tout a right when this isn’t about a right at all. Those who fear truth avoid telling it.

    Truth is this is turning into a right to beg for permission slips.
    It’s complete with championing the “strictest shall issue carry bill in the country”.
    Why CHEER that?

    Many will refuse to comply with permission slips and the low numbers of those who do beg for them WILL be used against all efforts to “advance” the “right” later on down the road.

    Just as passing 148 last year would have disallowed the 7th decision that ACTUALLY accomplished a huge step forward the passage of 997 will only end up hindering the right to keep and bear arms. Passage of it is huge mistake.

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