Mugshots of the suspects: (left to right) Lynell J. Hill, Joseph Nathanael Hill, Dexter Lewis (Photos provided by the Denver Police Department) (Caption provided by Denver Post)


Because nothing bad *ever* happens at a bar, right?!

Certainly not like armed robbers coming in with plans to rob the place, leave no witnesses and then torch it to conceal the evidence.

There are plenty of states enlightened enough to recognize that carry in bars doesn’t lead to the wild west or reckless or criminal behavior from otherwise card-carrying, law-abiding folks.  Indiana and Kentucky are two of Illinois’ neighbors who have such provisions on the books.

Colorado?  Not so much.

Police: Robbers made off with just $170 after killing 5 at Fero’s Bar

Denver (Denver Post) – Three men short on cash thought they would rob a Denver bar, leave no witnesses and torch the evidence, prosecutors say.

But a fourth man with them that night was a federal informant who told Denver police within hours about the botched heist in which five people were fatally stabbed inside Fero’s Bar & Grill.

Those details emerged Friday in testimony from Denver police homicide Detective Mark Crider during a preliminary hearing for Dexter Bernard Lewis, 22; Joseph Hill, 27; and Lynell Jonathan Hill, 24, who are charged with five counts each of first-degree murder, felony murder, robbery and arson in the Oct. 17 attack.

The good news is that victim disarmament folks is that they can sleep happily knowing that innocent people are unable to accidentally shoot an innocent person while they are being murdered by asocial thugs.



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