The U.S. Department of Justice memo on gun control criticizes gun control proposals currently being discussed at the national level as well as in a handful of states as ineffective and unlikely to make a meaningful difference in stopping “gun violence”.

However, the same memo says that if these gun control measures were tied to gun registration and forced gun confiscations (via mandatory “buy backs”) would be a pair of useful steps towards eventually outlawing firearms.

So, folks, as the NRA says, “Do you still think the President’s plan sounds ‘reasonable’?”

(Newsmax) – The National Rifle Association is using a Justice Department memo it obtained to argue in ads that the Obama administration believes its gun control plans won’t work unless the government seizes firearms and requires national gun registration — ideas the White House has not proposed and does not support.

The NRA’s assertion and its obtaining of the memo in the first place underscore the no-holds-barred battle under way as Washington’s fight over gun restrictions heats up.

The memo, under the name of one of the Justice Department’s leading crime researchers, critiques the effectiveness of gun control proposals, including some of President Barack Obama’s. A Justice Department official called the memo an unfinished review of gun violence research and said it does not represent administration policy.

The memo says requiring background checks for more gun purchases could help, but also could lead to more illicit weapons sales. It says banning assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines produced in the future but exempting those already owned by the public, as Obama has proposed, would have limited impact because people now own so many of those items.

It also says that even total elimination of assault weapons would have little overall effect on gun killings because assault weapons account for a limited proportion of those crimes.

 also has their take on the report here as well. Read the full article here

One thought on “NRA: Still think the President’s plan sounds ‘reasonable’? Updated w/ NRA’s ADs”
  1. As is often stated, ….”Gun control” (att:-new term “gun safety”) is not about guns, criminals/crime, or safety, …it IS about CONTROL of those who would abide by the “new laws”, and, …as we all know, criminals and thugs do not adhere to ANY laws! It is not in their nature, and, … those abiding by the “new laws” are the least likely to commit crimes, with or without firearms.

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