An elderly man in Oak Cliff area of Dallas Texas was subject to a brazen, daylight home invasion attack last week.

Deyfon Pipkins, a 33-year-old scumbag with an 18-page rap sheet was trying to climb into the window to attack and rob the homeowner.

Deyfon didn’t count on the homeowner accessing his personal home defense pistol, nor did he react well after the homeowner perforated him to repel the invasion.

Deyfon expired half-in and half-out of the window.

When Deyfon’s next of kin were notified of his untimely and unexpected expiration, they drove to the scene and caused a minor scene of their own, but police officers already there held the family’s ruckus down to a dull roar.

If you guessed that they said he didn’t deserve to get dead breaking into people’s homes to attack them and steal their hard-earned stuff, you would be right.

“He could have used a warning,” Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins’ sister-in-law, said. “He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense.”

Hey, Lakesha, if Deyfon’s momma had taught him not to be an a-hole and take that which is not his, Deyfon wouldn’t have assumed room temperature.


Dallas News |

DALLAS (KDFW) – An elderly man shot and killed a would-be burglar inside his Oak Cliff home.

Police say the homeowner saw Deyfon Pipkins, 33, trying to climb into the window and fired his weapon at least once at the intruder.

19 thoughts on “Elderly man perforates home invader; bad guy’s family comes to scene”
  1. I’m sure Deyphon ment no harm. He was just having a little fun as he was walking to church. Didn’t you hear, he just turned his life around that very morning and he was going to apoligize to the ol boy for all the harm he’s done.

  2. What amazes me is the one family member says everyone deserves a chance . With an 18 page rap sheet, just how many chances did he really need?

    1. So you telling everyone you are perfect and if you done something wrong multiple times, you would deserve to die also

    2. Yes mammy Lis, dat’s rite. If i chooses to keeps duzzing da rong thing, then how long should i expect to keep going? It’s too bad dat Deyfon didn’t have is Red O’bama phone with him and call da man to come intervene on his behalf. I’m sure if he’d survived, O’Bama would have pardoned him…

      It’s too bad the old man could have killed him at least 18 times.

  3. Outrageous, truly.
    When criminals have no shame, then they expect l=the law abiding to be ashamed. Perhaps, we will live to see the day that tar-and-feather comes back in style. Karl Rove, the Nazi, and half of Washington, DC. The Justice Dept and the white on Penn Avenue.
    If Real Justice every come back in fashion, there will be hell to pay.

  4. The reaction of this family along with reader comments (posted to other articles) supporting clear violations of the Constitutional rights of citizens, leads me to fear that this country is headed for civil unrest like we’ve never seen before. We have an overwhelming population of ignorance directed by emotion. The rule of law has truly died.

    1. Did Deyfon have some Skittles and Arizona Iced tea with him. That would have surely shown that he was innocent…

    1. Pitty Pitty Pitty

      Da Deyfon will be set’n up there with with all dem Demoncrats in hell, holding his Arizona iced tea & sharing skittle with the big Red Man. What ya bet ole Deyfon be raising hell, crying & bitching to the leagues of demons that the “White Man made him do it” or “Dis ain’t fair – all you red mothas down here pickin on another poor, innocent, wonderful, precious, Black Man.

  5. Would Deyfon have given the elderly man a warning that he was about to attack and rob him? I son’t think so.

  6. You know as I read this bullcrap, and I see all you judgemental assholes you never know what he was going through a what the fuck he was trying to accomplish, he has a family and had a life…yall act like yall aint ever done anything wrong, dont judge unless you are ready to be judge and I pray when all you fuckers croak people don’t do you the way that you doing my brother..

    1. The offender decided his fate when he unlawfully entered someone’s home. First time or five hundredth time he got what he asked for. No more warnings, no more excuses you break the law you enter someone’s home illegally you get what you deserve.

    2. From your attitude, you are a chi(m)p off the old block… as the saying goes. Bet your family never will attempt to apologize for your brother’s actions. Rather, yall will likely try to revenge his death. If any of yall stoop that low – hope the old guy caps that ass when ya show up. It’s trash like you is the reason America is becoming a third world country. Go back to afrika!

    3. if you are a real relative “liz” you should have warned your moron relative that busting into homes WILL lead to death–and doing so multiple times like you said “So you telling everyone you are perfect and if you done something wrong multiple times, you would deserve to die also””

      just proves that point

      I thank the man who blasted him ( to save his life from your idiot relative) — with his aim being true, has certainly saved us the tax payers 1000’s $$$$$$

  7. My front door is locked for YOUR protection, not MINE! If someone breaks in another’s home, and gets shot…too friction’ bad! You can’t unjustify bad results when the intention was bad to begin with. It’s like teasin’ a rattler. If he bites you, it’s YOUR fault, not the snake’s.

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