5 thoughts on ““Ban this song”. Good for a few chuckles!”
  1. Right now omho the city women buying guns is helping the 2a cause.
    More permits are issued to them than any other group.

    Why tie guns to the hillbilly stereotype?

    I think all gun owners should be depicted as reasonable,capable,and intelligent not denigrated even in jest.

    Satirical humor for us becomes a real joke for progressives on the net.

  2. I sure agree with James. Stuff like this is fodder for the progressive elite and does little but put us all on the defensive. Right where they want us.

  3. You gotta have a sense of humor in this fight. It makes for a more well-rounded personality.


  4. A local radio talk show host (Houston) played the audio of this little diddy, and I have to say I almost had to pull over to the side of the road for safeties sake…The host stated he wanted to ensure through his sindication that these very creative gentlemen got the exposure they deserve, and is working that deal as we speak…And for them to make a few $$$ at the same time…Ain’t capitalism great!!! For the record, dispite the negative sterotype that might be labeled on these guys, I believe it is a good message in an age where those of us who are hardpressed to find some upbeat, uplifting message that speaks to us in volumes!!! And we need to do what we can to be good ambassadors to the Second Amendment…Besides, I believe, deep down, city girls love country boys…Once they git to know them!!! It worked for me!!!

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