Unconfirmed, but be aware.

Makes perfect sense though.  What other state could he run to which would ensure law-abiding civilians would not have guns?

via Second City Cop just a couple of hours ago:

From a source that has been correct in the past:

    SCC: Please warn officers, UNCONFIRMED info from a very good Fed source: the LA Cop, Dorner, is either in Chicago already, or headed here on a train.

Up to you to post this, but I’d hate to see our people get hurt for what LAPD created. The news says they lost track of him, my source says that’s not true.

Be extra careful. Put your egos aside. This guy is bad news and it will obviously end in more bloodshed. Hopefully not in Chicago.

Stay Safe.

2 thoughts on “Unconfirmed info: Dorner en route to Chicago via train”
  1. Hey,
    Chicago is used to it, just another gangster shooting up the place, WAIT, ….guns are practicly illegal in Chicago, he will surely throw away any firearms he has in a dumpster when he gets there, right? you know, being the “upstandin’ leftist” he is, huh? /(sarcasm)

  2. Ha, or maybe turn them in to a “gun-buyback”? He will probably need some money in the big city.

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