Not satisfied with trying to ban America’s favorite rifle along with many other long guns commonly used by Americans to defend their homes and families, leftist Democrats have spilled the beans on their next target:  handguns.

Luis Gutierrez, the champion of illegal aliens and all things far leftist, made the revelation in an interview with Rachel Maddow of msnbc.

You probably didn’t hear it because the network has an average of 9,411 viewers at any given moment.

6 thoughts on “Leftist Democrat Gutierrez tips his hand: Handgun bans are next…”
  1. He is the worst of the worst. The pandering lying vermin that he is, he would not dare criticize the gangsters, punks, and hoodlums that infect his district. Heaven forbid he offend a voter.

  2. Gun owners (all) need to have a “NATO” mentality. If one group is attacked, we are all attacked. If they get one, they will move to the next until they have them all.

  3. “Little Luis” is a nauseating little punk with a bad case of short mans complex from all the way back to when he claimed to be the spokesman for the F.A.L.N. Puerto Rican mad bomber group in college, to when he kissed the Daley crime family’s corrupt ass to enter local politics. Once a piece of shit, always a piece of shit.

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