Last month’s GSL Rantoul Meeting. Only about 250-275 people were present. Get there early this month. It’s going to be packed.

Come out and join us Tuesday evening for a great evening of food, fellowship, fun and, last but not least, firearms!

Speaking of firearms, we’ll be giving away not one, but three guns to good homes.

The S&W Model 64 double-action only revolver will be given away first, followed by the Great Guns IV prizes:  The Rock River Entry Tactical AR-15 and the Springfield M1 Garand.

On the Great Guns, the first person drawn, if present, will get the choice of the AR or the Garand.  If not present, they will get the AR-15.

Then we’ll draw for a second time for the winner of the Garand (unless the person drawn first has chosen the Garand, in which case the second person drawn will receive the AR).

Tickets will be available at the meeting!





Main Speaker

Joe Miller

One of America’s pre-eminent Olympic-level shooting coaches will join us to talk about how Illinois’ junior shooting programs are growing AND about the new indoor range that’s finally open and hosting competitive shooting events for juniors. He’ll update us on progress towards making it a designated regional Olympic training facility and how GSL’s support from our Great Guns IV drawing is allowing them to open the second half of the facility to rimfire shooting.

Tech Time

Various folks – Bring yours!

Concealed carry holsters

Yeah, there will be some guns – both training and real – but the star on this night will be the accessories used to carry your favorite personal defense tool. Bring yours if you’ve got a good one, or a custom one you’re proud of (and what goes in it, unloaded, of course). Right-to-carry is coming to Illinois. Learn what works best from those who already practice carry (where legal).




The Gun

S&W Model 64

It isn’t the prettiest thing, but we’ve got a police trade-in S&W Model 64 that is orphaned. Its got plenty of years of dedicated service as a home defense piece left for a good home. Help us find it a new home for its golden years at our February meeting.



Rock River Entry Tactical with Dominator 2 mount.



We’ll be drawing for the Great Guns IV prizes: The Rock River Arms AR-15 and the M1 Garand (by Springfield for those keeping track).

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  1. Regarding Tech Time:

    For those of you who are planning on taking advantage of Illinois’ upcoming permit to carry, this is a great opportunity to see several different holsters and styles of carry, and talk to people who actually do it, about what works, what does not, and what feels right.

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