We’ve been meaning to run something about the tragic and untimely death of an American hero, Chris Kyle.

He was a great man, serving his nation bravely.  He saved the lives of many scores of his fellow servicemen and women with his courageous actions.  He sent lots of barbarians to meet Jesus and was generally, a stand-up man.

His book, American Sniper, is good.  Pick yourself up a copy if you haven’t done so already.

It seems as though a scumbag Mr. Kyle was trying to help, at the behest of the scumbag’s mother, murdered Mr. Kyle for his pickup truck.  In fact, the killer allegedly called a friend and told him that he had just traded his soul for a really cool new pickup truck.

The common thread in these articles is in the comments sections, where some folks are castigating Chris Kyle as a monster.

This morning, over at GunNuts Media, we found a great piece by “Tim” that sums up our thoughts brilliantly about those who would attack Chris Kyle.


Thank you, Chris Kyle

(GunNuts Media) – By now most of the gunniverse has heard of the untimely death of Chris Kyle, former Navy SEAL and author of American Sniper. The details of what happened are still not known, as the only sources are news stories that are notoriously inaccurate.

Unfortunately it appears that some people on the internet see the murder of Chief Kyle as an opportunity to promote their agenda…up to and including mocking a man who put his life on the line for his country and ultimately died in the effort to help his brothers in arms even though his tour of duty was up. Naturally this triggers a blend of outrage and disgust in a moral person that finds highest expression when driving one’s knuckles into the face of someone fool enough to mock a good man felled far too soon…

…but ponder for a moment why they are making such repulsive comments.

I doubt Chris would care very much what these people thought about him. He went where they dared not, risked what they would not, did what they could not, and lived like they will not. Their venom is borne of jealousy and self loathing, making a big noise because they know deep down in the parts of themselves they face in the stillness of night that they are lesser men. They rage at Chris because they feel the weight of their inferiority crushing down on them…a weight they will never escape because they lack the will to be better men.

Chris died in the effort to help his brothers in arms deal with the consequences of war. The commenters were noticeably absent when it was time to kill bad guys or help good guys fighting an enemy they can’t find in the sights. Tell me: what use are they? If they cannot be counted on to pick up a rifle when the call goes out or to extend a helping hand when the need arises, why does anyone think they matter?

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