20 thoughts on “Guess who went to Menard’s today…”
    1. Someday you might need to know yourself, sir.

      Besides, it’s your RIGHT to make a gun. Why keep it a secret how to do so?

  1. If you’re hell-bent on shooting your eye out, I can get you the Red Ryder for your birthday. A video of your firing the thing or it didn’t happen. Also, I see no rubber in that picture…

    1. I got 4 Red Ryders. At least two of them are Chief AJs. I won the U.S. National BB-gun Shooting Championship with one of them!

      They’re more dangerous for clay birds.


    2. 4 Red Ryders and you still have both of your eyes? Wow! btw, are you going to post a video of this little thingy in action?

  2. Excellent post. It shows how ridiculous “gun control” is in the real world.

    Keep up the good work.

    I understand that possession of such a device carries a 5 year mandatory sentence in New York City. What if one were found (on a tip) in Mayor Bloombergs residence/car/grounds.

    I know the answer: He would get David Gregory justice. Some animals are more equal than others.

  3. It is leagal to make ONE gun per year If yo make more than one, then you are a manufacturer & subject to ATF surprise inspections.

    1. I believe that you are misinformed. There is no limit on the number of guns that you may make, as long as they are for your personal use. I understnd that you may sell them sell after holding them for a year.

  4. John I understand it is my right and I do Know how to make weapons.
    My concern is some dumb kid might try to make a zip gun and hurt himself. Wrong diamiter wrong head space BOOM you have a pipe bomb.

    1. I’am over 70 and kids were making zip guns then with out u tube.
      I’ll bet there are plenty of videos showing how to do it now.

    2. Yeah, when I was about 11 or 12, I mounted a piece of pipe onto a wooden block. Took a shotgun shell, cut the paper off and de-primed it. The brass fit perfectly indide the pipe. I then put a cherry bomb in the pipe, rolled a marble down the muzzle an lit the fuze. It was great fun–at least until I blew a hole in the side of the old man’s barn. lol

    3. I also remember learning, many years ago, how to use old fashioned car antenna wrapped with electrical tape, and using piece of rubber tire inner tube and making a small weapon to fire a 22 caliber cartridge. Only good up close but fun to make and shoot.

  5. Keep information secret does no one any good. I agree with John on this one – best it’s out there and everyone know how ridiculous all the anti-gun arguments are.

    This is no worse than kids seeing people do back flips on bicycles or idiots behind the counter of gun shops pointing muzzles at themselves and customers.

    As someone who is 45-years-old, I think I can speak for most of my generation when I say, we did much more dangerous things with all forms of fire, chemicals, black powder and anything else we could get our hands on when we were kids.

    Are some people stupid? Yes. Are some kids dumb? Yes. And protecting themselves from themselves is not in any way helping the human race.

    Science is science, gravity is gravity, explosives are explosives, information is information and none of it should be top secret.

  6. I am a scared-y-cat. I’m only gonna shot a .380 out of mine!

    Well, at least until I see how it works.


  7. When someone asks,”But why would anybody want a “zip” gun?”

    The correct answer is, “To get himself a real gun, you moron.”

    Thanks for the post. And igore all the “it is bad for our cause” bed wetters and quivering lips.

  8. Precisely, Dr. Jimmy!
    I hate to have to belabor the obvious, but for those who really don’t know how this works?
    Just as with the Liberator pistols of WWII vintage, a guy or gal can use such a crude but effective device to obtain REAL weapons from one the opposing forces.
    Then you give the zip gun to your buddy/GF and they do the same. Pass the thing around, and soon you have a well-armed resistance force.

    Of course, if you make a whole bunch of them at once, this hastens the accomplishment of your objective.

    Got .40? 😀

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