Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh.


Champaign County Sheriff Dan Walsh has weighed in on the hysterical call by Democratic Party leaders to ban guns, limit magazine capacities and impose all sorts of other restrictions both in Springfield and in Washington, D.C.

While he doesn’t come out and say he’s not going to enforce further gun bans, he does cover a number of points that are just common sense around here:

  • Right to carry will deter crime.
  • America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, isn’t criminally misused around here.
  • Magazine capacity isn’t an issue.
  • Cops here, including him, support law-abiding citizens’ right to carry and possess firearms of all sorts.
  • The real problem for his department is mental health issues.

Sheriff Walsh probably isn’t going to earn himself any free donuts for the department from Governor Quinn’s office, and certainly not from Senator Durbin or President Obama, but he calls it like he sees it.

Here’s a copy of his letter for you to download.  We received permission to release it earlier today.


10 thoughts on “Champaign County Sheriff: The problem isn’t guns or magazines, it’s the mentally ill”
  1. What a great letter. I wish all law enforcement around the country would stand up for us like Sherrif Walsh has.

  2. He calls it like he sees it, and he sees it like the majority of us in what the East and Left coasters call “flyover country”.

  3. As a licensed health care provider I share the same concerns and have seen funding cut across all areas from outpatient treatment to in-patient hospitalization. I can assure you every family in this country has been affected by a loved one or friend who has suffered from mental illness/substance abuse. We have all lost people due to alcoholism, abuse, suicide, crime, or war. The original injury often reverberates across time and affects subsequent generations.

    With proper care and supervision, the majority of seriously ill people can still be maintained at home with their families. However, there are times when this is not an option and we need the ability to provide appropriate treatment in a safe secure location (which requires funding for personnel, facilities, etc). In any case, a positive support system in the community is crucial for a successful re-entry into society.

    We can’t make a perfect system and life will never be free of risk, but there is always more we can do to take care of those who are often seen as the least among us. How we treat them shows what kind of people we are. We set the example for our children and we reap what we sow.

  4. Good letter, Sheriff. Thank you for speaking wisely, well, and truthfully. If only they’d read and understand it.

    Jakebob, they may read the letter, but they won’t get it. They just won’t. They don’t live in a world with personal crime, personal defense, or any problem that a new law can’t fix.

    God love ’em. For being so smart, they are really stupid. Really stupid.

  5. Sheriff Walsh you are one of the reasons I continue to belong as a Member of our Illinois Sheriff’s Assn. Thanks for helping to cut through some of the fog which is cloudy the issues. You have an honorable Champaign County Sheriff Department and we are so blessed to have you! Thanks!

  6. What an excellent letter! Thank you Sheriff Walsh for a very reasonable and balanced approach to the issue. I wish there were more people like you in Illinois.

  7. Recently retired from Champaign PD and the newest member of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, I’m hoping that some of the state money supporting public aid recipients who refuse to follow society’s rules (felons) be diverted to programs to address the people who cannot function in society without help – like the mentally ill – but that’s going to require more people in government to summon the courage to be honest about what is and what is not true about our population of recipients.

  8. As a non American, I have to say Sheriff Walsh’s comments are a disgrace (is he up for re-election soon?). Unfortunately for all you narrow minded people, pretty much the whole world is either laughing at you or are simply aghast that there are people who actually think guns save lives. It’s time to move on, people. ALL forms of firearms should be banned outright. They are dangerous, they kill, and I am afraid to tell you that the USA has moved on significantly from when your precious constitution was drafted. Get real, and get guns banned

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