Found this little gem today, thanks to Say Uncle.

A $2 Zip gun.

What you need?

  • Rubber dishwashing gloves
  • A 3/8ths inch female to female coupling
  • A 2″ 3/8ths inch pipe
  • A 3/8ths to 1/4-inch adapter
  • A drill bit wrapped in duct tape (a 10- to 16-penny nail or similar will suffice in lieu of the drill bit)
  • A round of 9mm ammo, with the case wrapped in duct tape.

Want to know the best part?

If you make this for your personal use only, it’s completely legal.  You can’t sell it or give it away, because that would be “manufacturing” according to ATF rules and regs.

You shouldn’t even “turn it in” at the next gun buyback, wink wink.

Having said that, we would STRONGLY recommend not carrying one around with the cartridge loaded in the ZIP gun as it may go off unexpectedly if you bump the nail/drill bit at the wrong time.

Here’s the how-to video.  Not even 2 minutes long, with a catchy tune playing in the background!

I see a trip to Menards in my future!


Hey, don’t stop there.

There’s also a $7 (if that) 12-gauge shotgun.



6 thoughts on “The $2 9mm ZIP gun”
  1. We are reduced to resorting to zip guns now? Those dangerous toys that our big brothers used to make and play with when we were little kids? Man, that’s pathetic.

  2. I’m confused. Would this or would it not be a “turn-in-able” “GUN” for the crook county gun buybacks?

    I bet we could put together enough of these, assembly-line style, to bankrupt the organization next time around, and get a BUNCH of new rifles and ammo for Appleseed learners!

    What a hoot!

    1. That, sir, would be “manufacturing”.

      And even if we didn’t assemble them in a rapid and promiscuous fashion, it would still be felonious.

    2. Manufacturing is legal. Giving away a firearm that you have made (or selling it) is also legal. You cannot manufacture a firearm for the purpose of sale without a license, but you can decide at some later point to dispose of your property, and sell it or give it away legally. It’s all about intent at the time of manufacture.

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