Great analysis from the Washington Times.

To help soothe the nerves of some anxiety-ridden gun owners who believe an Executive Order from our President is a possibility.

Executive gun ‘order’ easier said than done

(Washington Times – The administration is eyeing unilateral steps on gun control, but analysts said there are few things President Obama can do on his own because gun control is one area where Congress has jealously guarded its power to make the laws.

In many areas, Congress writes broad laws but gives the executive branch wide discretion to write rules and regulations. Not so with guns.

“The problem with gun control is that Congress has been extraordinarily explicit,” said John Hudak, a scholar on executive power at the Brookings Institution. “When gun-control legislation is passed, it is usually very detailed in what Congress intended and it is usually very detailed in the barriers it sets up for the executive branch. That limits presidential authority to use executive power because there is little discretion.”

Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who is leading the White House task force on gun control, said this week that Mr. Obama is looking at “executive orders, executive action” that he can take without having to depend on Congress, which has blocked stricter gun control for nearly two decades.

Constitutional analysts and gun specialists said there may be some room for the administration to act alone to tighten the instant background checks by asking states to pony up more data.

But they said anything broader, such as banning types of guns, ammunition or magazines, would have to come from Congress.

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4 thoughts on “Executive order on guns easier said that done”
  1. It is time to join the NRA! Obama and his Legions are forming a counter NRA group the he hopes will be more powerful lobby group comprised of Anti-gun people. Obama has proven he is a liar, corrupt and surrounded himself with like people. Already the group claims to have 500,000 “members”. A corrupt government will not hesitate to use whatever means to make this work including funding it with public funds. Illegal you say? Unconstitutional you say? When has that stopped this ruthless and corrupt man. JOIN the NRA and all the other groups you can join the fight this movement. You can do so on the net.

  2. This is typical Chicago politics. Don’t be surprised if there is now an “anti” gun group being started. He will do as they do in Chicago to any federal worker. Join this group or lose your patronage job.

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