Perfectly legal to do at home, for your own personal use.

Here’s a bunch of photos Pete Wheeler was going to project at our meeting, but yours truly didn’t bring them.

4 thoughts on “Do it yourself AR-15 receiver manufacturing.”
  1. I would like to know where the Aluminum part is purchased from. And, is it a casting or a forging – do you recommend one over the other?

  2. Looks like jigs I got from . Have good instructions on website and links to 80% lower makers. I used the lowers from Kevin
    and worked very well.

  3. WE have a small milling machine and did two of them,the first one was a little slow going as we had never done one,the second one was a breeze,we knocked it out in haft the time,we had the jigs and directions,we got everything on line for I think 50 dollars each,the jig was costly but we sold it on line after ward for what we paid for it,all in all we were happy with the way everything came out……….

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