Natalie, aka BelRockCityGirl, is blogging on guns and she’s got a couple of recent articles she asked if we would promote…  It’s hard to say no to a girl who gives you a wink and sticks her tongue out at you.


Packin’ Pistols in Illinois

BIG WIN for 2nd amendment supporters in Illinois.

This past Tuesday, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a ban that made it illegal for anyone to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois. Illinois is the only state that does not allow some form of concealed carry. The federal appeals court gave Illinois lawmakers 180 days to draft a reasonable law. The court of appeals said that the ban was unconstitutional and suggested that legalized conceal carry was long overdue. Duh.

I am wondering how, the powers that be, think that they have been right, and 49 other states have been wrong. It baffles me.

I wonder if Governor Pat Quinn or any other of the gun control freaks, we’re God forbid, the target of a crime where they felt their lives were threatened, would not wish that they had a gun to protect themselves and their families with. What would you do to save your family? Me? I would do what is necessary. I have no doubt I would pull the trigger on that 9mm, if in fact I knew that our lives were being threatened…

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And the second…

Ban “Assault” Weapons, Really?

Welcome to my first article in the Second Amendment Sundays series.

Let me start by saying, I am not a gun expert, nor am I an expert on gun laws. I like guns, I like shooting guns, I own guns, and I do believe in the 2nd amendment.

There will be many of you reading this that are much more educated than I am regarding guns and gun laws. My personal goal is to reach those people that are pro 2nd amendment, but maybe are not involved in the cause, or aren’t exactly sure what is going on, AND to reach those that are anti-gun, and shamelessly change their mind. Being a regular, small town girl, married, with 5 sons, who happens to be a gun owner, I represent a good percentage of families just like mine. Now is the time for us “regular folks” to make our voice heard.