Miguel at Gun-Free Zone introduced us to a wonderful poster / advertisement for the fine products of NEMO Arms, Inc.

The poster is rich with possible meanings.


6 thoughts on “The death of a Skittle-pooping, make-believe Unicorn”
  1. Could you please elaborate on the many meanings of this poster for the less artistically inclined, simple-minded folks such as myself? What’s “skittle-pooping” supposed to mean? I see no PF-9s in that picture and it’s not even a Kel-Tec ad.

  2. Skittle pooping, for instance, in the belief that we can monetize our debt indefinitely.

    Or that gun free zones’ make-believe protection is provided by unicorn farts.

  3. John, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but whatever it is, I want to try it. Just make sure to be well again before you get to entertain the Red Coats tonight. We wouldn’t want to project an image of a bunch of gun-loving hippies. GUN-loving hippies… boy, my head is spinning.

  4. “GUN-loving hippies” ?
    I’ve never heard of such an animal.

    Hippies were all about NOT dealing with guns.
    They were the “love” children of the 60s.
    “Make peace, not war, man.”

    Uh Oh! I really gave away my age.

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