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6 thoughts on “Choose your own crime stats…”
  1. That’s some nice data cherry-picking right there. I especially like how this guy assumes the only factor that affects violent crime figures is gun ownership. As if the diferences in violent crime figures are a direct result of permit issues rather than one of hundreds of other factors.
    And the difference between the violent crime figures in the UK and the US? In the UK, victims don’t die- because they aren’t being shot. A violent crime in the UK might involve a person pushing you over or maybe hitting you, while in the US you get shot in the face. I personally prefer the first of the two options.

  2. Indeed alborads, gun fanactics love to tweak facts and data. Here are some REAL data from nothing other then

    + Deaths in Australia reduced after 2 decades of severe gun control
    + Deaths in UK reduced after increasing gun control
    + Deaths in Brazil PLUMMETED (and I am Brazilian and can attest to this) after intense gun control in just 8 years
    + Smallest rate of deaths per violent crime in the world is in JAPAN, where guns are BANNED. Second best in South Koreal, where guns are BANNER
    + Highest rates of deaths per violent crime are in Brazil and USA, where guns roam free (US legitimates, Brazil illegal)
    + After the UK and Australia gun control programs, aimed mostly to STOP MASSACRES, there have been NONE in their countries.

    How many guns do you think would stop the mass murderers in Newtown?

    Guns are killing instruments. You can stop crime, you can reduce crime, but you cannot SAVE LIVES with it. This site and this community are delusional

    Open your eyes and stop the killing

  3. While I think the narrator cherry-picks data a little bit, his main point that the problem is much more complicated than what most people seem to think is important, and that political rhetoric is generally problematic.

    My most current thought on gun control is that it is difficult to know who should “control the guns”. I am a gun owner but I also think extensive background checks (on purchasers) and registration for gun purchases is constructive. Banning firearms will unlikely solve the issue. The “solution” is likely something virtually impossible to “prove” with objective and methodological support, and I will not make suggestions as I would be labeled a “crack-pot” by both the left and right.

    A problem with the way people react to mass shootings is that they want to reduce the number of victims per shooting, which is literally putting a price tag on human life. I think that trying to understand why they happen at all is more important.

  4. In 2011, The USA saw over 14,000 murders according to the FBI. 2/3 of those involved guns.

    So, guns were involved in approximately 10,000 violent deaths in 2011.

    The most conservative estimates put the number of defensive gun use (DGUs) each year at 800,000. More liberal estimates put the number as high as 2.5 million. Most DGUs never involve a shot being fired; a show of force is sufficient to deter crime.

    So guns DO save lives.

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