The anti-gun bills have been put on “Postponed Consideration”, meaning they aren’t being actively considered, but can be brought back anytime before the end of this session.

The latest information suggests the bad guys may try another run at this, sensing they are so close.  Continue to make calls every day to your elected officials, and also Senate President John Cullerton’s offices local office 773-883-0770  Springfield office  (217) 782-2728) as well as Dan Kotowski’s local office (847) 656-5414 and his Springfield office (217) 782-3875.  Kotowski is the primary architect of this effort to strip Illinois residents of their right to own the means with which to defend their families.

Tell them:  We oppose gun, ammo and magazine bans and range restrictions.




The catch-all, freedom-killing gun bills being considered by the Illinois General Assembly have been put on postponed consideration by the leftist, and in some cases near-communist Chicago Democrats promoting them.

John Boch’s best friend forever Chicago Democrat Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg is one of the ardent supporters of the gun ban bills. He’s the same guy who was indignant that Guns Save Life compared Lisa Madigan’s desire to publish the list of FOID card holders to identify them publicly with the Nazi Germany requirement that Jews wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing to identify them publicly. Schoenberg apparently doesn’t make the connection between the public identification of the Jews (and subsequent prohibitions against private gun ownership for Jews) and what happened next in Nazi Germany. Nazis, of course, being the National SOCIALIST party.

In a timely set of events, one Senator was called away from the capitol by a death in the family, another by an illness in the family and a third, Jeffrey Schoenberg, by his vacation trip to Israel.

In addition to the loss of those three ardent, far-leftist supporters, Kotowski lost two or maybe three squishy supporters who sources say that before New Year’s Day, the squishies had gone over to the dark side, and had apparently pledged their support to the bill, giving Kotowski the margin he thought would win him the Senate on some or all of these Draconian proposals.

Gun owner phone calls brought the squishies back to the pro-gun column.  Thank you, by the way, for making those calls.  Your calls, and witness slips, made a real and tangible difference for those squishy legislators (who will remain nameless as we don’t want to give a roadmap to the other side in case they are a little fuzzy on who’s who).

The bad news is that these squishies are under a LOT of pressure, as you might imagine, from the dark side (the dark side being evil, not skin color, for those who see racism under every stone) to bring their votes back to banning the very tools good guys in Illinois use to defend their homes and families from violent attack.

Senator Cullerton’s office says they hope to revisit the issue “in the near future”.

The bottom line:  the bills can be brought back to the Senate floor anytime until the newly-elected General Assembly members are sworn in next Wednesday.

So, keep making those phone calls and stay lively.

Unless something major breaks, we’re hoping this will be the last post and email blast on the topic.




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