Chicago’s Mayor, Police Chief and local government must be cheering at the 500th murder in Chicago this year. Many of those deaths are a direct result of the racist gun control they have imposed upon their residents. We say they must be cheering because if they really regarded it as a problem, they would be eliminating their repressive gun laws and allowing the good guys in Chicago to own, possess and carry the means with which to defend themselves from violent attack.


Chicago, home of Illinois strictest gun control regimes, hit its 500th homicide last night, meeting the grim milestone with the death of paroled jailbird Nathaniel T. Jackson.

Chicago (Tribune) – Gave Bates smiled through tears as she swiped her hand across her phone, flipping through pictures of her cousin playing around and striking goofy poses.

“He was a lot of fun, very good at imitating people,” Bates said of Nathaniel T. Jackson, 40. “He just had so much fun all the time. And we all grew up together in the same house.”

Jackson was standing outside a store in the Austin neighborhood around 9 p.m. Thursday when someone walked up and shot him in the head, police said. His death was the 500th homicide in Chicago this year, marking a grim milestone. The city last reached that toll in 2008.


Our radar was going off, pinging loudly.  “Just standing outside a store and someone shot him in the head”?  Hmmm.

We found that just a little hard to believe.

Off to the Illinois Department of Corrections website we went for inmate searches.

You’ll never guess what we found.

Nathaniel Jackson.  DOB 8/22/72.

His cousin remembered him as “He was a lot of fun, very good at imitating people.”

Well, he must have been good at imitating Hollywood because his rap sheet included:








THEFT >$300-$10K

This scumbag was a walking, one-man crime wave.


Second City Cop‘s take on the whole thing:

So a big congratulations to Rahm Emanuel and Garry McCompStat. You’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the number of police officers has a direct correlation to the amount of blood running through the street gutters of Chicago. All your spouting off about “properly utilizing the officers we have” and “highest per capita” statistical nonsense? Bullshit. And sitting idly by while the media and reverends crucify officers and allowing years worth of incompetent “merit” promotions run amok throughout the Department? If it wasn’t part of some Grand Plan to destroy the Chicago Police Department, that was the consequence anyway.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in the Chicago gun control utopia: The 500th murder”
  1. It’s down to 499 as one of the deaths has been changed to ‘unclassified’ (spontaneous combustion?). Meanwhile, in good ole’ commie Europe they are celebrating the reports of the lowest (ever!) crime rates in NYC thanks to Mr. Bloomberg’s valiant effort to thwart the NRA. They are cheering Piers Morgan as well…

    1. You forgot to mention that the lowest crime rate ever is due to under-reporting the crime that does happen, and downgrading some crimes to misdemeanors.

    2. Need a link for some hard data, for said govt manipulations, love that kind of stuff!

  2. I know the corner where he was shot. I have worked in that neighborhood for many years. It’s highly likely he was dealing, or owed someone some money. None of these shootings is “random” , most are due to some drug related conflict.

    And I will say it, if nobody else will; there is an enormous amount of black on black crime! This wasn’t some accident, but the results of a black culture of stupid behavior. We have to pretend that we can’t see the reality, but this is a black problem, not a gun problem.

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