Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He’s got an armed cop at HIS kid’s school, but mocks efforts to put someone armed in YOUR kid’s school.


Chicago’s little ballerina Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, recently took a cheap shot at the NRA’s recent call for ending “gun-free zones” in schools, claiming it’s not the right answer and that it’s “outrageous and unsettling.”

(NBC Chicago) – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the NRA’s desire to have an armed officer in every American school is “outrageous and unsettling.”

“That is not the right answer for our society, our schools and most importantly our children,” he said in a statement issued Friday.

Nevermind the fact that there’s a police officer present at his kid’s school everyday:

(Breitbart) – Breitbart News has confirmed that The University of Chicago Laboratory School, where Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sends his children, is protected by an armed, on-duty police officer.

University of Chicago Police public information personnel informed Breitbart News that there is at least one armed officer on duty a the school everyday and has been for “several years.”



2 thoughts on “Rahm: Hypocrite extraordinaire on guns in schools”
  1. Typical response from a fascist mayor. He wants laws for others to follow that don’t apply to him and his cronies. Be wary of leaders who say one thing and then do another.

  2. Rahm Emanual is a dangerous fool, he does not get it and never will. I do not understand the people of Chigago electing an idiot of this caliber. The old saying is true, you get the government you deserve. The good citizens of the United States need to stop drinking the same coolaid because if they dont they are going to loose their country. The liberal progressives are even more dangerous to the security of the United States the was the former Soviet Union during the Cubin Missile Crises

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