5 thoughts on “So which is it? Inconsistencies on which & how many guns were used”
  1. This is just the type of nonsense one would expect from the journalistic profession. It doesn’t have to make sense, but they can’t resist sensationalizing it (as if the actual event wasn’t horrific enough). Either he brought more than one rifle (unlikely) or the medical examiner doesn’t know what he’s talking about either. Bad wounds must have been caused by an “assault weapon” since we all know how “high-powered” they are. If he had done it with a 30-30 they would have claimed it was a .50 BMG sniper rifle that can shoot down commercial jets at 30k feet…

    Why would the shooter need four handguns to do the deed? It defies logic…

    Did anybody notice the depiction of the infamous Bushmaster rifle shown at the beginning of the clip? I remember seeing it on some news outlet’s website the day of the shooting. I don’t know what the thing is supposed to be, but it looks like a picture of some kind of toy. It looks nothing like any AR I’ve ever seen. I figure it must have been evil-looking enough to terrify the sheeple.

  2. I *really* don’t like how they refer to that AR as an “As… Rifle” It’s not. Obviously the author of that video needs a lesson or two on the nuances of language.

  3. I think the author was simply trying to expose the media ignorance and possible cover up taking place as well as the lie being perpetrated by the MSM that is purposely demonizing a particular rifle in a blatant attempt to draw support for the sheeple and the POTUS to ban and/or confiscate them. It’s simply the modern day equivalent of the musket and certainly the most common of rifles in America. If the kids were indeed shot with a .223 round and there was no AR in the school and it was locked in the trunk of the car, then there is a much bigger question and issue at hand. If only handguns were found in the school and no kids were killed with 9mm rounds, how did this idiot actually commit these murders? Who did? And whose covering it up? That may sound rather conspiratorial but something here just doesn’t jive.

  4. It seems the journalism degree & education have been taken over by so called, “common sense” and all they can do is to speculate, and real facts are irrelevant. It is now more important to be the first with a guess, than first with the correct facts. Quickly make the story tell your agenda with guesses is the goal.
    The media in genearal, is no longer doing the so important job of keeping a check on the government. In fact they are complicit. I hate to use the term, “mainstream media” because I am not sure what that refers to anymore. What was mainstream is becoming less so because they can’t get a story accurate, even after an excessive amount of time.

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