by John Boch

Why is it craven individuals dance in the blood of victims each time there is a horrific crime committed?

It’s not a liberal vs. conservative issue.  It’s about decency.

There’s nothing decent in using the blood of small children to advance one’s cause.  In fact, it’s repugnant.

A Congressman says we must “exploit” the deaths of these children to pass more gun control.  Has this man no decency?

Mayor Bloomberg tells us we must “take immediate action” to restrict gun rights.  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, in advocating for sweeping gun bans said, “We have to make sure that our laws protect students.”  Father Pfleger, one of the shrillest voices for gun control in Chicago, crassly used the massacre as an opportunity to say, “We’ve gotta deal with the gun issue”.

A liberal position would advocate for liberty by opposing racist, classist and sexist gun laws, instead of advocating re-enacting past tyrannies.

Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and those laws didn’t protect those children.  That school was a gun-free zone and the make-believe protection it afforded did nothing to protect those children from evil.

All of these laws and rules failed because evil doesn’t respect laws or even societal norms against murder.  Evil has no compassion and doesn’t respond to reason.

Evil lusts to destroy and to kill.

Gun-free zones let wicked men know they will not face meaningful resistance in carrying out their evil deeds.

Yes, firearms in the hands of good men and women are a powerful force for good over evil.  Guns are tools that protect children and families from evil.

Guns in the hands of good men and women deter wicked men from evil deeds.

Disarming good men, as these charlatans Bloomberg, Pfleger and Quinn advocate, will leave evil men free to victimize the young, the old and the weak, just as they did in the Medieval times when the common man was debarred the possession of weapons.

Let’s not set ourselves up to repeat the tyranny experienced by mankind during the Medieval times.

Let’s choose freedom and liberty instead.

And remember, gun control is more about control than it is about guns.

10 thoughts on “Good guys with guns deter evil”
  1. Q: When do mass shootings stop?
    A: When good guys (either armed civilians or police) show up with guns! When these whackos are confronted by armed good guys (or good gals, as with Jeanne Assam at a church shooting in Colorado a few years ago)they either off themselves, surrender (Pearl, Miss.) or die by fire from the good guys. If good guys with guns do not show up, they stop when they run out of bullets or targets.

    Bottom line: Any law that makes it harder for good guys or gals to quickly confront and return fire makes it easier on the whackos to kill more innocents.

    1. The real wackos are those that believe that believe that more weapons are the answer

      How many guns per per person will solve the problem?

      Go figure..

    2. Hey torn, how do you intend to stop a shooting in progress? You going to ask the shooter nicely to stop? Or are you going to run and hide?

      The only way to stop gun violence is with gun violence or the threat of gun violence. I’m guessing you don’t have a problem with cops shooting someone who is in the act of committing a heinous crime?

  2. Yes. It takes responsible armed adults to protect children from armed monsters. Guns are 15th century technology, and have been made at home since then. Mass murders have been occurring at about the same rate during the last 50 years, but have actually dropped a bit since 2000 as more armed citizens are carrying concealed weapons.

    Most mass killings occur in disarmed victim zones, such as schools, where armed citizens are not allowed.

  3. Israel has problems with terrorists firing rockets into their country from the borders.

    They also have the occasional suicide bomber blowing themselves up along with a bus full of fellow passengers.

    They do not have problems with school shootings.

    Because they do have armed teachers, staff, and volunteer parents. Not all of them, not all the time. But I’ll wager that every school in Israel has a good guy or gal, armed, on premises all the time.

  4. Jay,

    My son’s first grade class has a “mystery reader” once a week, where a parent surprises the class for story time. I’m a private citizen, licensed to carry a firearm in over 34 states. I’ve had superior training, though multiple formal shooting/lethal force schools, than the average police officer in my state.

    So here’s the question: if your child is in my son’s class when I’m reading a story, and an evil lunatic barges in to commit mass murder, which would you prefer:

    A) We all die. Teddy bears and candle-light vigils, and the horror of tiny caskets.

    B) The murderer dies, by several of my well placed shots. Everybody needs therapy and has nightmares … but they get to LIVE.

    It’s okay to be scared and not want to deal with the ugly reality of evil in this world, but I prefer that the innocent live, and evil gets stopped in its tracks.

    Now many teachers are liberal gun-bigots, so NO … not all should be armed. Certainly not my son’s current teacher! But there are many others that should be armed, along with other school staff, and yes, lawfully carrying, licensed parents and visitors.

    The evil ones will always have the guns, so wishing them away is not an option. The only relevant question is, “Do we let the good guys fight back?”

  5. It is time politicians understand what the real problem is. Gun control laws and signs forbidding weapons only stop law biding citizens and not criminals crazies. What is needed is the repeal of gun free zones and the establishment of a volunteer corp of law biding citizens well trained in the use of firearms to protect our schools.

  6. verry well said , eleminate the soft targets in our country preserve gun owner rights good will over come evel.

  7. “Gun free” zones, and the idiots that support this insane concept, are more than partially to blame for the slaughter of these innocent children and adults.

    A cursory look at the history of mass shootings will reveal that almost without exemption, these massacres take place in “gun free” zones, where the criminal/nutjob can kill with impunity, as the “law-abiding” are not able to effectively defend themselves or others.

    It is well past time that we put an end to the policy of “gun free” zones. We, the People, would absolutely be “taking the law into our own hands”, as we ARE the LAW.


  8. As a Jewess in the US, I say: When the liberals took God out of school, they invited Satan in! NOW is the time when all REAL Americans must put our 2nd Amendment FIRST! And remember that America wasn’t won with a registered gun! -Wendy Weinbaum

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