by John Boch

Providing for your personal defense against criminal attack is a multifaceted affair consisting of multiple levels of preparation.

The wise and prudent individual will seek out training in how to better maintain situational awareness to protect himself (or herself) and his or her loved ones.  They avoid and de-escalate any potential confrontations.  They carry with you a means of stopping violent attack, along the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to use that safety rescue tool successfully and effectively if necessary.

Then there is the aftermath.

The only good thing to come out of using deadly force to thwart a violent attack is that you survive.  It truly is a life-changing event even with the best-case scenario.

Following the use of deadly force, the good guy will still need to interact with responding and investigation officers.

If you, as a good guy, act to the standard by which you will be judged, you should be okay as far as the legal system goes, but there may still be a trial and after a trial, a civil lawsuit filed.

Most of us don’t have $20,000 or $50,000 sitting around rotting away in Citibank’s coffers to spend defending against criminal charges relating to using deadly force or defending against a malicious civil lawsuit filed by the bad guy or his next of kin.

If you are a responsible citizen considering utilizing a firearm for personal defense, and especially if you’re going to carry one in public for personal defense, you would be very wise to consider spending a few bucks on insurance to protect you from the legal costs associated with using deadly force to defend innocent life from violent attack.

The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network provides just such insurance.

I am not a paid promoter for them.  They haven’t paid GSL a nickel.  The only thing they have given me are these wonderful little booklets that we now distribute to all of our students.  I also offer these at Guns Save Life meetings.  The cover the fundamentals of the justifiable use of deadly force – just like we teach in our NRA Personal Protection in the Home courses.

You can download a copy right here.  Do it.  Share it freely!

I’m a member, and so are a number of other nationally known instructors I look up to, including Mas Ayoob and Frank Sharpe.  There’s also a number of local instructors I know who have signed up as well.

I heartily recommend the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network to our GSL Defense Training students today and for those students in the past, ditto.  I do this not because they are compensating me, but because I think it’s the wise and prudent thing to do.

This is something any wise and prudent gun owner carrying a gun with a carry permit for personal defense needs.

If you’re involved in a critical incident, these people will help you find a qualified and skilled attorney, or if you already have one, they will write him a check to begin your legal defense.  They will stand behind you both during any criminal trial and in any civil suit.

I’m posting this now as a service to our members.  Until the end of the year, their rate is roughly $85 per year or something like $225 for three years for this coverage.  Included are some top-notch videos worth every bit of this alone. (I spent $800 or so to hear those Ayoob lectures when I went to LFI about 15 years ago.)

Rates are going up after January 1.

Look over their material.  This is cheap insurance should you ever need to use deadly force while carrying a pistol for personal defense.  With Illinois joining the other 49 states in the coming months, now’s the time to start your preparation.  Planning for the worst should be part of that.

Join before the first of the year and you’ll save yourself enough money that you can buy a membership in the NRA or Guns Save Life.

Or take your significant other out to dinner.

Here’s their release on the upcoming price increase:


Since its introduction in 2008, the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. has grown to a vigorous membership organization of over 6,000 members with substantial resources for the legal protection of its members who are involved in a self-defense incident. Now, facing the first dues increase since its introduction, the Network wants to give armed citizens who are not yet Network members the opportunity to join up at current prices, before new membership rates increase in next year. Renewal rates will not change.

Effective 1/1/2013, new individual memberships will cost $125 per year, with multi-year discounts of $265 for 3 yrs. and $690 for 10 yrs. This is a $40 increase for the first year of membership only. All renewal dues remain at the old level of $85 per yr. (or multi year discounts of $225/3 yr. and $650/10 yr. and an additional member living in the same household receives our discount of $50 per additional member per year).

Network membership rates have not increased since we introduced the Network in 2008 and in that time, membership benefits have increased substantially. Now, instead of three educational DVDs on self defense and justifiability, new members receive seven DVD lectures by recognized experts. That more than doubles the educational benefit of Network membership.

More importantly, though, the Legal Defense Fund is now much, much greater than it was when the 2008 membership rates were established. With well over $200,000 banked, funding for a no-holds-barred legal defense of a member is available. Additionally, the needs of Network members now may also be served by the Boots On The Ground program, through which a Network representative responds to the member’s location and serves as liaison to be sure all their legal needs are being met in the difficult days following a self-defense incident. This is particularly important if the Network member does not have an attorney, as might occur if the member was traveling, for example.

If you own guns for defensive purposes, have you made provisions for dealing with the legal aftermath of using deadly force in self defense? The Network’s support of members begins by providing the member’s attorney with a deposit against legal fees immediately following the incident, and additional grants of financial assistance to put on a vigorous legal defense of justifiable self defense when that is the case. You can find more details at If you have not considered post-incident legal protections, please join the Network.


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