Stupid people sometimes come labelled.  Other times, they open their mouths to eliminate all doubt.

Sadly for Chicago, it would seem some elected officials can’t wait to spend a million dollars or more of Illinois taxpayer money to defend their unconstitutional local laws “up to the Supreme Court”.

Chicago Poised to Fight Over Handguns _ Again

(AP) – Even as aldermen urged Attorney General Lisa Madigan to appeal the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision, they suggested the City Council might push through a city ordinance that restricts who can carry a concealed weapon. After that, Alderman Joe Moore said, Chicago would do what it did for years with its handgun ban: Defend it in court.

“I believe that the city would be well within its rights to prohibit that (concealed weapons) within its borders, and then we’ll take that up to the Supreme Court,” Moore said.


Sure, why not, right?

This is the check for attorney’s fees incurred while Chicago argued over how much Otis McDonald plaintiff’s team should be paid for winning the McDonald decision striking down Chicago’s gun ban.

In other words, if they had just paid what was asked, Chicago would have saved $663,294.10.  But no…

But then again, it doesn’t come out of former Mayor Daley’s pocket, so why not, right?

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  1. Can we sue these dumbasses for wasting our tax dollars? Could it be a personal suit so that they couldn’t use more tax dollars for defense and payment. If they had to use their own money maybe they would think twice.

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