Otis McDonald.


Otis is celebrating along with the rest of us.

He’s a great, and kind man.  I’ve met him myself.  One of my prized possessions is the cover page of the decision in the landmark case McDonald v. Chicago signed by Mr. McDonald himself.


Otis McDonald Basking in Historic Victory that Will Allow Concealed Carry in Illinois

(News in Black) – The man, whose original lawsuit against the City of Chicago resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the city’s ban on handguns, is celebrating again after a federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled Illinois’ ban on concealed carry unconstitutional.

…McDonald had harsh words for Black legislators who have voted against concealed carry and other gun laws over the years that would have allowed people in the Black community to protect themselves.

He said Chicago continues to suffer from a high murder rate in the Black community. He called it “a cruel and tragic irony” that Black lawmakers have been the ones voting against the right for their own constituents to protect themselves.

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