Dorian Donee Wills at the Champaign County Jail. His last stop before going to IDOC for a few years.
Photo courtesy Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

Dorian Donee Wills, age 18, is a savage beast.

He and his savage beast pals Ralph Gray, 18 and Anthony Davis, also 18, decided it would be a fun night in October 2011 to go on a wilding attack against some innocent guy minding his own business, about a year after the infamous “Polar Bear” attacks in the Champaign-Urbana, IL home of the University of Illinois.

The trio of young men found their victim, an Australian researcher visiting colleagues at the University of Illinois, late one night.

The Aussie spoke with a funny accent and wasn’t familiar with where he was at.  He was a perfect target for the trio of violent predators.

Clinton Fookes did not return the the U.S. for the case, but he did send a six-page victim impact statement to the court.

The News-Gazette reprinted portions of it:

“They were laughing and jumping around and appeared to be having a good time,” he said, describing how he tried to cover his head and face with his arms and hands.

“I believed I would not live through the night. … I begged them to stop hurting me and I begged for my life. I also pleaded with them by telling them I am a father and I have young children. This only made them laugh harder and it seemed to spur them on even more with the attack continuing again afterwards. … I have a memory of one of them saying how they were going to kill me,” Fookes wrote.

The trio picked him up on campus and “gave him a ride home”, taking him north of town on North Mattis Ave., beating him savagely as Fookes begged for his life, and robbed him.  They they stripped him of his clothes and left him to die in the cold night air.

“I decided that I will do whatever it takes to get to safety as I would not leave my family without their father and without their husband. I also decided that I was too young to die. All of this became the fuel I needed to crawl and stumble over long distances in rough terrain to reach temporary safety in a farm barn.”

Unable to see clearly because of bleeding in his eye, Fookes made his way to a farm house but no one was home. He returned to the barn and wrapped himself in a tarp. At dawn on Oct. 21, he headed to the road where he estimated 100 cars went by, some slowing to stare at him.

“I was very grateful for the one lady who stopped to help me and who instantly knew the danger I was in, wrapped me up in her car and then called for the police and ambulance.”

…”In hindsight I realize just how lucky I am to have survived this horrific and horrendous assault. It is not every day in your life when you are confronted with such evil and vile people; people who kidnapped me against my will and attacked me over and over again.

“These people did not do this just to steal my money. Unfortunately, they did this for fun as their laughter and the joy they experienced while beating me is forever etched into my memory,” said Fookes.

…The attack left the researcher and lecturer who said he had a photographic memory unable to concentrate or process information as quickly as he previously could.

“Having received a brain injury from a vicious and unprovoked attack by some of the most evil and heinous individuals I could ever imagine, my life will never be the same,” he said.

You’re probably going to find it hard to believe our little choirboy Wills had three prior juvenile convictions for battery.  Suddenly, with his pending long-term stay at the big house, Wills has been reading the Bible.  Or staring at it might be a better description as we’re betting he doesn’t read so well.

His laughable statement indicated that he wanted to go to school and provide for his daughter.  Yeah, right.

There’s monsters like Wills in our society.  Just another reason for to pass a right-to-carry law in Illinois.






3 thoughts on “Local wilding attacker sentenced to 20 years”
  1. If they did this one time, I wonder how many victims they assaulted before they were caught and convicted of this one? I wonder if just one of those previous victims had been legally armed and had made the decision to use deadly force if necessary to survive, if this Austrailian visitor might have been spared his ordeal? Even if they were not shot in a previous crime, perhaps if a potential victim had pulled a gun on them they would have quickly decided to take up other hobbies for their enjoyment…

  2. This was about race. Plain and simple. They beat and robbed him because of who he was. Every bit of this a hate crime, but that will NEVER be mentioned, as white people do not have the equal protection under the law, specifically because they are white! If this victim was gay, female, or handicapped, or anything else that made him different, the special interest groups would be out on the courthouse steps. No one speaks for white people, white men in particular.

  3. Wow….just wow. I’m glad that Mr. Fookes survived this ordeal and pray that he can fully recover. This indeed was a HATE crime perpetrated by 3 blacks on a white guy. These punks when they are together act like feral dogs roaming in packs looking for a victim. But when alone, one-to-one and face-to-face they are all a bunch of pu$$ies.

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